Digitex Futures and its special features. Part 2

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Recapitulating what has been discussed so far

This is the second article in which Digitex main features are explained and commented on. In the previous article I mentioned some points that could make Digitex one of the most attractive exchanges for traders who are actively participating in the crypto futures market. Aspects like completely eliminating transaction fees thanks to the way they implemented their own tokenization system, or how they offer increased security and privacy to their users by using a smart contract on the Ethereum network to secure the traders funds and not requesting any private information to avoid potential data leaks. It was also explained that in order to provide enough liquidity in the exchange, 20% of the DGTX tokens are going to be used just for this purpose.

In today’s article, more of the Digitex features are going to be explained and discussed.

Digitex most important features

Continuing with our review of the section in the whitepaper called “Main Features and Benefits”, we have the following aspects:

Digitex Native Currency & Token Issuance Revenue Model Source

The native currency is the already mentioned Ethereum based DGTX token, which allows for the complete elimination of transaction fees because the project is going to receive its necessary funds by the sale of these tokens. Holding DGTX also allows its members to decide how many new tokens should be created to keep funding the project after its initial 2 years of operations (the first 2 years are going to be completely funded with its ICO funds).

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Implementing this revolutionary method to gather the necessary resources for the development and maintenance of the exchange is probably the most important innovation that Digitex is bringing into the market, and it remains the strongest argument for traders to start using this exchange. Besides, since the token holders are the ones deciding how many new tokens will be created when the time comes, this allows the users to be involved in the decision making process of the platform, which will surely result in them being much more active and involved not only in the exchange placing their orders, but also in the Digitex community with its constant news and events.

Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin Futures Source

Once the exchange is finally open to the public it will have 3 different futures market. Bitcoin being the first cryptocurrency and therefore, the most popular one with the higher market capitalization, is clearly going to be one of the 3 futures market available on Digitex since day 1.

Since the DGTX token is Ethereum based, and the account balances are going to be protected by an Ethereum smart contract, then it is expected for Digitex to also have a Ethereum futures market operating once the exchange is ready for the general public, there is also the fact that Ethereum is one of the most valuable cryptos out there, so the number of people interested in trading Ethereum futures should be high enough.

digitex futures.png

Finally, the third futures market that will be available since the beginning is Litecoin, which is another important cryptocurrency with a lot of history and one of the biggest name in the cryptocurrency sphere. Litecoin since its creation was designed to serve as a trustworthy alternative to Bitcoin, and it certainly achieved its goal in being recognized as such, thus, many traders will probably be interested in participating in this futures market as well.

As we can see, the 3 futures market available since day 1 are only with established and highly popular cryptocurrencies, as time goes on, there will be the possibility of adding new futures markets to offer more variety to Digitex users.

One Click Ladder Trading Interface Source

When traders are analyzing and interpreting real time data to figure out what is the best possible decision regarding their current investments, they need to have an easy to use interface so they can be as efficient as possible when placing their orders without losing too much time and without getting confused due to a complicated interface.

digitex futures trading.jpg

With Digitex, traders will be able to place their orders with just one click using an interface that facilitates the understanding regarding how to execute their orders and the handling of everything related to their trading activity, this is especially useful for new or amateur traders that might find themselves a little bit confused when using other complicated interfaces.

The goal with this feature is to help traders in achieving their maximum efficiency so they can earn the highest possible profit based on their criteria when interpreting the price movements of their particular market.


In this article we continue with the explanation of the most important features that can make Digitex one, if not the most, attractive exchange for traders interested in futures market. There are other aspects of this project that are going to be discussed in the coming days, so for anyone interested in knowing more, it is advisable to keep an eye out for the next articles.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts and ask any question you might have about this project!

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“DISCLAMER: The information contained within this post shall not be taken as financial advice. I am not a financial advisor and none of your investing should be carried out based on any information presented here. You can lose all of your money by investing. The following information is for educational and entertainment purposes only.”

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