Digitization of Gold

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Gold among other metals is one of the most desired and expensive metals if not the first, in the whole wide world. Despite that, it remains wishful thinking to many, because they lack the ability and opportunity to own one. Most of the times the rich and the wealthy in the society become more privileged to own some portion to themselves because they have the power and money to purchase it. The reason behind this might be because of the difficulty in finding one, which makes it rare and expensive.

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Perth Mint CEO Richard Hayes, once said that "the digitization of this natural endowment (gold) via a public ledger (on a blockchain), is a natural progression for the global commodity market." Blockchain technology is a tool for digitizing Gold, which will definitely foster the usage of gold as a mainstream asset, offer the needed liquidity, which will enable the less privileged to have a sense of ownership. Which means that it will enhance its accessibility. This will also bring about the audit of the real assets backing this type of digital asset, which is the Digital Gold.

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The backing of the token by the real gold has, however, helped the Digital Gold to have a real stable value, which invariably can be used as a Stablecoin. This is what a lot of projects have found difficult to achieve. The Digital Gold, which is the gold token has been proven over time to be stable by giving it a measure of one gram of 99.99% fine gold that is stored in the company’s vaults, which can be used on the platform to instantly purchase Gold token. This Gold token is based on Ethereum platform and it is compatible with any cryptocurrency wallet, inasmuch as it is ERC20 compatible.

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To enhance its liquidity and trade, Gold token has been listed on several exchanges such as, CRYPTEX with GOLD/USD pair, LIVECOIN with GOLD/BTC and GOLD/ETH pairs, COINSBIT with GOLD/USD pair, CATEX with GOLD/BTC pair and on BITFOREX with GOLD/BTC, GOLD/USDT and GOLD/ETH pairs, which is one of the top 10 exchanges in the crypto market.

With all said and done, I can boldly say that Digital Gold is the real store of value. It is the safest form of investment you can think of because for every of your single Gold token, equals one gram of Gold.

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