Digital Gold an Equivalent of Real Gold

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My mathematics teacher once thought me that, if a real number or value is divided by zero, it will give you infinity. That by itself seems to be a meaningless number. Do not be surprised that that is where the value of gold is going. Gold keeps increasing in value and it is gradually becoming a rare commodity that just an ordinary person might not be able to own. However, the team of a promising project and a project full of potential, called Digital Gold is presenting an opportunity to everyone in the world, where you can easily have a store of value that is equivalent to whatever the value of gold is.

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Well, some might think it is impossible, but you know what, that has already been made possible. The reason being that this is already a project with a working product. Many projects in the past found it difficult to give real value to their coins, a lot of their projects failed, let alone stabilizing the value. However, Digital Gold team have been able to stabilize the value of their token, because it is backed by a real asset, which is gold itself and that is why it is also known as a STABLE COIN. Also, the stability of this gold token will help to protect one's asset from unnecessary volatility.

I am glad to inform you that you do not need to go through all the rigours and stress faced in the past when trying to purchase gold. Digital Gold team, have made the process easier, secured, stress-free, cost-effective and eliminate all obstacles, either monetary or logistics wise, that has hindered so many people from being proud owners of gold, irrespective of race, colour, gender and the likes.

I will not be fulfilled if I did not inform you that Digital Gold project is a blockchain-based project, where its asset is being digitized, by making use of the Ethereum ERC20 platform as the support for its tokens. This, therefore, comes along with all the benefits attached to the platform. The Digital Gold has been proven over time to be stable by giving it a measure of one gram of 99.99% fine gold that is stored in the company’s vaults, which can be used on the platform to instantly purchase Gold token.

Some of the measures put in place, to ensure the easy usage of Digital Gold:

✔️The token purchasers can verify by themselves the actual amount of gold deposited within the vault via using the real-time audit characteristic.

✔️Digital Gold guarantees full liquidity of Gold stable coins. Any amount of digitalized gold may be bought or provided at all instances on the gold marketplace and cryptocurrency exchanges.

✔️No hidden costs may be charged. Users have a set quantity of 0.99% in step with annum charged for tightly closed storage. This is among the lowest bullion garage expenses so far.

Just as much as Gold is a precious gem, Digital Gold is second to nine among the rare gems both in the crypto space and the world in entirety.

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