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10 reasons Why I like DigiByte DGB and I think it's better than bitcoin and litcoin

Dgb is a cryptocurrency coin Officially launched in 2014 on January 10th, currently it's at 43rd position on coinmarketcap with 123 million us dollars market cap
DigiByte has been focused on cyber security from the start and after 4 years of full time development it's now most secure and will established cryptocurrency coin and blockchain platform
Its have strong support from community I also believe DigiByte is a best and below I mentioned 10 reasons why I believe dgb is number one
1.transaction speed
Dgb transaction speed is very fast as compare to btc and ltc its take few seconds for transaction confirmation
I think dgb is most secure crypto coin and in the world there is no security breach in the history of DigiByte blockchain development
Jared Tate is a founder of DigiByte and he is very will known and actively supported and working with DigiByte team and community for promotion and development of DigiByte
4.Most decenterlized
Every computer and smartphone phone or server can connect to DigiByte network and become node so DigiByte have more nodes than many other cryptocurrencies
5.easy to mine
DigiByte used 5 alogrithims to mine dgb so it's easy to mine than all other minable cryptocurrencies
6.easy to buy
DigiByte is available for trading almost on all top cryptocurreny exchanges so anyone can buy or sell it easily and its current price is not so high that's why it's still very cheap or undervalued
DigiByte have its own web , mobile (android) ( iPhone) wallet and many other
3rd party wallets due to this it's very easy to hold DigiByte
DigiByte is available in more then 100+ countries and people from different countries and different languages are supporting DigiByte
DigiByte is accepted by many merchants and website and list is growing very fast
10.own blockchain
DigiByte is not only a cryptocurrency coin its have it's own most decenterlized and developed blockchain
That's why I invested and holding DigiByte for log term because I think its better than bitcoin what you think?

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Great post and a good question, I don't know much about DigiByte but after reading your post it has inspired me to look at this closer. Thanks 👍




Thanks for your appreciation