Looking forward to welcoming more members of the DigiByte Community to Steemit over the next few weeks. Short video (56 secs) wishing everyone a great weekend.

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Welcoming the #DigiByte Community to #Steemit

#DigiByte #Blockchain: A massive thank you to Stefania Barbaglio @foxsteffy & Jared Tate for giving us a brief look at #DigiByte in the recent interview.

Growing the #Steemit Community

Regular readers of my Blog will know that for the last +18 months I have been actively Marketing and Promoting #Steemit and the #STEEM Blockchain and recently kicked started a new Project on Twitter called #steemtalent.

The sole purpose of #steemtalent is to identify individuals and groups of people that I believe would bring huge benefits to the #Steemit Community.

In pursuit of these talented individuals and groups, for the ones unaware, I came across the active #DigiByte Community.

Having got to know quite a few of them, I then decided to estimate what I believed was the size of the Community globally.

Estimated +150,000 members

Having reached a size of an estimated +150,000 members, I realised I had to get to know them better and help bring them to the #Steemit Community.

This short video is one of my ways of simply getting to know them more.

Please join me and welcome the #DigiByte Community, all +150,000 of them a Warm #Steemit Welcome when they join.

Thanks for supporting #steemtalent

Thanks for reading and once again thank you to everyone around the World that has supported the #Promo-Steem #steemtalent Project.



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You have a great weekend too!...:)...

Enjoy the bank holiday, and have a well earned rest, everything is as it should be 😺

Awesome shout out! ! Looks absolutely beautiful out there!!
Lets get MORE people over to Steemit! YES YES!

Wow !150000 is a bigger number of user ..
I hope it will increase your doing great work...

  ·  last year (edited)

Nice video SK.
We #Steemit community appreciate all your efforts to promote this community... #promo-steem
Finding and bringing new talent. #steemtalent...

I will watch your video,,,,Wao sir such a fabulous place,,,your looks so handsome,,very Amazing weather,,,,clouds looks so beautiful....trains views are so amazing...i hope so digibyte community enjoying the steemit...steemit very good platform....Sir you are very hardworking mannn....you are very talented man,,,your are a great peromoter..,,,thanks for sharing..

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