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RE: Why DigiByte isn't a bad investment, even after 200% 24hr rise

in #digibyte3 years ago

Fun story, I bought decent amount of DGB at 25 satoshi, sold around 30. I knew the resistance would be broken one day, didn't expect it to happen so soon. So I missed my possible epic trade that I had a great hunch of that it will happen. Sad day for me, and imho I think now it is dangerous to go in at new highs. It does smell that it could go even more to the moon though.


People have pinned it to Siacoin for the longest time saying they rise and fall together. Which I don't understand why, because they had higher total supply and relatively the same satoshi worth for awhile? I think this is where they part ways to be honest. DGB moves are now in tens of satoshis at a time and no longer single. That's a good sign of it heading towards 1000sats minimum I believe.

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