Thanks! I also signed up for manna through your link. Cheers!


I'll send you 5 more DigiByte.

Thats what its all about :)

did you join initiative Q yet ?! I have a couple of days left to get referalls :)

Initiative Q is building a new payment network and giving away significant sums of their future currency to early adopters. It’s by invite only and I have a limited number of invites. My personal invite link:

I sure did! Also if you are into gambling for free here is my refferal link. Its mainly just for fun I have been up and down on their site. Also I will share 5% of lottery winnings with each of my refferals lol only 1 so far...

I only gamble by trading sometimes 😁 that plus steemit posts consumes all online time 😊 dude did you get the actifit app yet?

No whats that?

its an app on android, its an app running on steem blockchain.. just download it from playstore, get tokens for moving!! I will post about it today :)