DIGIBYTE (DGB) Projection to Late Fall 2018

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DIGIBYTE (DGB) has retraced deeply like the rest in Cryptosphere. The abc (red) retracement fit very well into a wedge pattern and this is bullish. While the decline has been as far as it can be from pleasant; thought a good experience for any who hadn't been through a major correction; the bullish nature comes into perspective because as the sellers have done all they can; the bulls are the only ones that remain. The expected impulse wave of five has started with waves 1 and 2 complete and 3,4,5 remain next.

The longer term perspective is what becomes truly mind steadying. IF the coming wave 3 (white) is 2.618 the length of wave 1 (blue); then all time new highs are not too far off. Wave 3 could often be 3.618 extension. This is likely because unlike most Altcoins, DGB is a bit more mature in wave progression. What does this mean? Wave 1 and 2 are complete and wave 3 is in progress and already subwaves 1 and 2 of 3 are complete. This means wave 3 of 3 is soon, if not already, to start!

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I enjoyed your post about digibyte , I’m hoping in time it will provide a nice return. Thanks mike


Thanks for the analysis. I've been quietly mining DGB for the last 6 months or so. I like the variety of algorithms used and think it's a slow burner which might see some good upside this year. I'm keeping hold of 100,000 and trading the rest.

How difficult is this to mine. I've been interested in mining but really don't know where to start....maybe you can do a post about it? :)

You can mine DGB with a good graphics card but most people use an ASIC miner same used to mine Bitcoin like a Bitman Antminer. The best pool to use is https://theblocksfactory.com/
Hope that helps

Am also using theblocksfactory - been a great pool.

Thank you... I'll be watching your posts!

Can you mine this with CPU?

Nope, unfortunately not.

I'm using an Antminer R4 which runs SHA-256 to mine.

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Thanks for the info, as a relatively uninformed user of steem it's good to know about such things. Is the general consensus that people on steem don't like huge accounts which make a lot of revenue?

When all of the revenue is coming from one other user @ranchorelaxo, and @haejin's own self upvotes, and when @haejin is posting 10 + times a day, very short posts (by Steem Blockchain standards) which could be compiled into 2 or 3 reports and they would still be extremely short posts, yes, the community is coming together to disagree with the potential rewards.

Thanks for clearing that up, makes perfect sense.

Interesting ... It looks a little bit like IOP (Internet of People) ... @haejin What do you think about IOP? Is it on it's way up right now?


DGB has retraced . Good news.thanks for this

What do you think about Neblio? I think it is a great long term hold what about you?

Thanks for the information abt DGB

Nice post, I like it and your information OK, thanks

Great Idea! I hope it will be like that.

Much appreciated Haejin. Thanks for the update, I think DGB has a great future.

Thanks for the DGB update; Hodler for that one for sure.

Here's a question I've been posing to myself. Hedge funds will ineveitably go for the top 10 coins. Perhaps top 15 to 20 coins will be the main focus of institutional investors. However, with the bullish set up in many ALT coins like TRX/BNB/SBD/XVG ---- how can we factor in Marketcap growth. Essentially the top 10-15 coins can very likely change before hedge funds show up in full force. Today DASH/XMR/NEM are in the top 15 but will they be in 6 months? Maybe not.

I like this. I seen this on another post. Where did you find this at? One time when I was a small child, growing up in India I won one of these ribbons from hasving the best Goat at the Fair. EWcferytime I see this, I think of my Goat I had as a kid in India.

Great post! Thanks you :)

This is excellent timing for me personally. I have been wondering what Digibyte is up to. I’m HODLing this one. Maybe it’s because who would want to own thousands of a coin? If nothing but to have a dream of 10000 coins going to $5.

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I just made a steem post about Charlee Lee's tweet about DGB! and the rest is history. lol.

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DGB is one of the sleeper. I should got them when they were really really cheap!

Hey haejin, out of curiosity why your recent alt coins charts are priced in USD? All alt coins are paired with BTC so do you assume that DGB/BTC will jump in BTC value and BTC will stay at 11k or DGB/BTC will stay at current price and BTC/USD will jump to 30k in order to increase price of DGB to $0.11 dollars?

Thanks for sharing @haejin
Great job

An old school DGB supporter here so thank you for passing some good news along!

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