The nutrition industry is designed for you to fail

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It seems as though the opposite should be true but unfortunately the nutrition industry is interested in making money, not in helping you to be healthy.

The biggest problem that people face when attempting to lose weight is that they go way too far right from the start and the entire process seems like torture. Then after normally a short period of time that same person who started a program that is far too difficult for them will cheat, then they will cheat again and the next thing you know they are back to where they started. This is all because of the fact that they took on too much too fast. If anything the exercise and nutrition industry actually perpetuates this and I would say even encourages it with bogus products and programs that they know wont work in the long run.

I tend to think about it in the way that televisions used to be "back in the day."


Did you ever have one of these? Well I am old enough that even though I was very young, yes I did have one. It weighed as much as a motorcycle and when your family decided that it was going in a certain place in the living room, that is where it stayed forever. If you ever did move there was a permanent dip in the floor where it was sitting.

Thus far this doesn't make a great analogy towards fitness but just hold your horses... I'm getting to the point in a second.

In my entire youth, I remember having 1, just one television... ever. This is because these TV's that were made by Zenith and RCA and a few other companies were designed to last forever. It was actually the marketing point behind why people were buying them. They simply never stopped working and if you were one of the unfortunate few that actually had one die on you in the 70's or 80's there were TV technicians that could repair it for next to nothing.

The next time you are in the electronics section of your local shop go ahead and ask for an RCA or Zenith television... you wont get one because they no longer exist as television manufacturing companies. This is due, in a very major way to the fact that they made televisions that were too good. It was then that the electronics industry as well as basically every other industry started the concept of "planned obsolescence." In more devious situations, these products, such as your modern mobile phones, are actually designed to break down after a certain amount of time. Apple actually got in trouble for this when it was discovered that built into their hardware was a switch of sorts that after a certain amount of time would cause the phone to run at a fraction of the speed that it was capable of.


Apple tried to explain this away with technical jargon but they knew the jig was up and they settled out of court or something and swept the entire controversy under the rug very successfully. The point is, that they don't want this thing to function for a very long time because if it does, you no longer spend money on their products... which is the reason why the makers of quality televisions disappeared a long time ago.

The same thing applies to most mass-produced nutrition products. The programs that they will prescribe to you is something special and at least in the form of diets, it is something that they purport only they can provide for you. This is the nature of companies like Weight Watchers and Slim Fast who are still around, but don't exist in the same capacity that they did before.

They operate on your own ignorance and try to convince you that there is some magic formula to what they are doing that you can't do on your own. They also don't want you to ever figure that out. They also don't want you to lose all the weight because then you disappear as a customer.

Most people who join these programs end up failing because of many reasons but the main ones are that the products are far more expensive than they should be and because you can't satiate your urges with just these products. In order for these products to work you have to do exactly what they say or the deal is off and you only have yourself to blame.


Slim Fast was particularly awful because think about it for a second: Is someone who used to scarf down Totino's Pizza Rolls by the bag-full for a snack seriously going to be interested in replacing 2 of their meals per day with an 8 oz shake? You are starving yourself if you do that so of course you are going to lose weight. No one can stick to this though because you would be spending all day, every day, with your tummy rumbling.

So after a week or so you bail, go back to your old ways, and then a month or so goes by and you are back to where you started and guess what... you'll probably go back to those damn chocolate shakes even though you could do a much better job of achieving caloric deficit on your own and you could do it without being hungry all the time.

What sort of masochist decided that the best thing for fatties to do is to starve them? This isn't sustainable and they know it! This is the reason why they do it. I remember their slogan was "Give us a week, we'll take off the weight."

I got news for you, you actually can survive for a very long period of time without eating anything at all. You could just drink a crap ton of water all day long every day and your body would just consume itself. Slim Fast is essentially doing this to you anyway, so why bother with a $4 can of chocolate yogurt? By the way I am not recommending anyone actually do this and you can cause serious long-term damage to your metabolism by doing this.

Basically, every diet that I have ever seen that has a brand name attached to it is designed for you to fail overall, but to see results in the short-term. This is how they keep you as a customer in the long run and this is NOT the way to achieve your goals.

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I went from healthy athlete to fat ass in 10 years and then transitioned to the strongest I have been in my life and lost 50 lbs shortly thereafter. There is no magic trick to this, you need small manageable goals that no product on the market is going to be able to do for you... you have to do it yourself. If I can do it, I strongly believe others can as well