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RE: Should you eat Dairy products? Part 2 – Quality of the milk

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Amazing! I clicked on this just to see if you would talk about A1 and A2, and you talked about everything, including grass fed and pasteurization in the last post. I like my milk fermented with yogurt cultures, but that's not strictly a milk subject. Fermentation is a large subject.

I learned recently that goat's milk has a decent amount of caprylic acid, excellent for fast ketones. Have you ever had goat's milk butter? I haven't. I'm thinking of making some so I can make goat ghee.

Yes, activator X is vitamin K2.
K1 comes from leafy greens.

This is a great post. Thank you.


I will talk about kefir and yoghurt in later posts.
Do you have access to goat cream, or will you just see what you can skim off the top of the milk? Goat of any kind is pretty limited in NZ. Goat ghee sounds amazing.

I've only recently thought of it, I should be able to get fresh goat's milk locally.