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RE: Should you eat Dairy products? Part 1 - Pasteurisation

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Good stuff!
Like my double entendre?
We drink a lot of raw milk. Even after it starts turning a bit, I'll drink it until the flavor bothers me. Of course, then it can be turned to yogurt or kefir anyway. Many don't understand that, generally speaking, when raw milk turns, it just changes to another consumable form.
Sometimes we skim it and shake it for butter, rarely for whipped cream though. Most of the time I just drink it all. The idea of going back to processed milk is pretty appalling now. I might do it for coffee and things like that, but not for just drinking.


That's the great thing about it - no need to waste it, no need to worry if its putrid, just find other ways to use it.
Whipping raw cream is a bit tricky. I have found some things that help, and I have a post on my recipe website, but I don't think I've posted it here yet.

We just put it in a jar or something to whip it. Don't let it turn to butter. If it does, it's not whipped cream. ;)

Your raw cream maybe has different properties to ours. I find it whips best if its a couple of days old, and very cold. Warm and fresh and yes, it will turn to butter before it even looks like whipping!

I really don't know. I guess it's cold when we do it, because we take it out of the fridge to skim it. During the shaking process there's a point where it sticks to the sides of the jar and gets harder to shake. Much beyond that and we start seeing small yellow dots. You know what that means. :)

I'll have to try shaking. I've always used an electric whisk.

Yeah, and shaking is good exercise. We used to sit on the living room floor as a family and roll the jar back and forth, taking turns shaking. It's a good family activity! :)

And now my belly is shaking from laughing at the mental picture. The family that shakes together stays together? oh I don't know, I don't think it will take off.