An unexpectedly underwhelming weed-revisit and the final housekeeping stretch before new shores are set foot on!

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The magic of weed is back to my life and oh boy do I feel like dejá-vue...

I thought I would really dig it and in a way it still seems to have its place but it's fair to say I am fairly underwhelmed. Universe already trying to tell me one day of it has been enough and though I want to prolong it and get high and sleep now that I finally can, I feel this station is pretty much exhausted. My inner quality has changed I think. I feel different getting high and especially coming out of it when the world calls.

As opposed to the last deep dives into thc headspace half a year ago I feel almost dissonant taking time off to do nothing. Maybe it's that working-mode routine I have gotten into or maybe it is because a new stretch of my life is on the horizon that seems both totally what I always wanted (a rewarding temporary culmination for my path happening right now) and at the same time rather imminent.

So as such, despite smoking some in the middle of the day I have just gotten done doing some data housecleaning, resetting up my mobile studio with all the plugins and things I need to make music on the road and "packed my digital bag" so to speak, gathering all the setup files and data I need for my travels in one place pulled together from several hard drives.

There will be a few days without any appointments, obligations or "musts" and I am looking forward to cleaning up my surroundings further, to aggregate my must-have things for the impending Euro-trip and to let go and clean out all the old things I no longer need. Letting go right? ;)

My friends are doing a Panorama Sessions night downstairs and have asked me to join them, so I think I shall leave the housekeeping and catching up for now, make myself a Chaos pasta (new lessons on "Chaos Cooking" everyday now;)) and go downstairs

The time with cave woman in the mobile cave were amazing and I could imagine you will hear much more from her (and me) in the coming months. We burst with ideas and are eager to take the jump into the unknown in full faith for what is coming. I can't wait to start with my new major projects and get to finishing several of them over the course of the next year. A lot of health-advancements and sharing of their respective insights with you all is coming down the pipe, as well as putting some into book format to better reach people. I am bursting with anticipation for what is next and how it will all turn out <3

I also plan on continuing my series on the Sonic Universe in the coming week, many ideas abound now I just have to bring them in some linear and logical format before I can share them with you all.

Really looking forward to reading more on Steem again now that I finally have the time again to do so. I missed you guys a lot and it's awesome to see so many of you are still around as well <3

Hope you're having a great weekend my friends <3


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Thanks for stopping by <3

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