Fighting with Diabetes

in diabetes •  21 days ago

Self-discipline is needed to cope with the rapid consequences of diabetes. We have to exercise regularly to help improve insulin sensitivity.

What is insulin sensitivity? This means that the muscles and cells can use blood sugar as energy. With exercise, you will also be able to lose weight. So it's like hitting two birds with one stone. We must also make appropriate diets.

You need to limit your carbohydrates and increase fiber intake. I'm having a hard time controlling my diet. There are many foods I'm fond of, but this disease is already banned. A lot of food should be avoided. High sugar, salt, carbohydrate, such as foods.

We should eat less meat and more vegetables. Water for plenty of water to keep. Then take enough rest and sleep. Stress Management. Take the drugs. And above all, regularly follow your blood sugar. In doing so, you can determine whether to adjust your meals or medications.

Blood sugar should be normal. Very low blood sugar causes hypoglycemia. Very high blood sugar causes hyperglycemia.

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