The D Files with @bobaphet and @eftnow featuring @churdtzu - What Is Government PART 2?

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Yo Yo Yo

Welcome to the D Files!

Today @bobaphet and @eftnow were joined by @churdtzu as we continue our exploration of the question "What Is Government?"

We talked about some of the technology that is becoming and already available to us and how that could enable us forwards in new ways.

Also, the impact of having new streams of money creation, other than central banks.

Plus, of course, Steem Monsters and.......SPACE FORCE!!!!

Thank you for joining us @churdtzu!

The truth is in there!

The D Files.

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The government is a crutch for those unable to walk unassisted.
If you can walk unaided, then you don't need government.

The truth is in here :)


I think so...somewhere...