Steemworks Update: Backfill, Twitch in Condenser, and Easy Account Creation on TestNet

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Do you want to contribute to Steem or learn how to develop on the Steem blockchain? Check out our developer portal or connect with the community.

TestNet & Tinman

In our last post we updated you on the progress with our TestNet and promised a new feature called ‘Backfill’ which we’re happy to announce is now an active feature in our TestNet builder, tinman.

Another new TestNet feature, easy account creation, is already in testing and should be available for use within the next few days. It gives anyone the ability to create a new account on a testnet by making an RPC call to a service hosted within the testnet’s docker image. This will allow developers of Steem apps to create accounts at will on either Steemit’s TestNet (or their own) with ease. Documentation on how to use this feature will be available on the devportal.

The Dev Portal

We’ve added two new tutorials and made updates to TestNet, SteemConnect, and API documentation. Finally, we made significant changes to the Community section (now called “Resources”) which will make it much easier to find the library or resource you need.

On a final note, we want to give a shout out to our wonderful developer community. Thanks to you, condenser (the software that powers now supports Twitch embeds and French translation improvements. Other community sourced improvements are in the pipeline. Nice!

Steem On!

Steemworks Team

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It is always great to see progress being made. These updates are very helpful in a time when there is a lot of negativity surrounding the crypto sphere. I am glad the development is going forward as planned.

Establishing the testnet is vital. We do not want a repeat of HF20 and giving the Witnesses the tools to test what they need to (along with the app developers who are not witnesses) will hopefully alleviate some problems. I am glad to see the Steemit team stepping up on the development end. This allows us to push the Witnesses to do their due diligence with any code that is brought out.

Thanks for the update.

Thank you for updating us. @SteemitBlog
Is there a hard SMT roll-out date?

So Twitch livestreams? I didn't even realise Twitch was embeddable.



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I'd say a big yes to any development that makes account creation a breeze.

Look into getting Steem compatible with @wallofcoins They provide a brain-dead simple product to serve the underbanked AND banked to "deposit national currency" to their Steem account, power up Steem and allow people to "withdraw cash" from their Steem account as well. This would be GREAT for Steem and I'm pretty sure @wallofcoins would love working with Steem too.

please, keep improving and making the API and documentation more detailed and beginner friendly, I am posting almost daily a series of tutorials to teach beginners how to build ateem based dapps but the documentation at this moment lacks lots of explanation, details tutorials and "beginner friendlyness", which makes my work as a teachee a bit hard
thank you for the update though

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Where is the smt burn up #6 post ? progress stagnant again that your put off from showing another sideways graph or to busy?