What people thinks about Cardano 07 August 2019

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2019-08-07 04:13:17

RT @JTPMunday: Still NO action on https://t.co/Lj763W3Mg0 !!! May I remind you this is STILL in violation of the copyright held by @Cardano


2019-08-07 04:00:03

The Current Price of #Cardano is: $0.053903 (-3.35% in the past 24 hours)



2019-08-07 03:39:05

@CoinoneID Only one >> CARDANO ADA😁


2019-08-07 03:07:23

A valid question by @IOHK_Charles about Justin Sun’s $5 million lunch ‘investment'.
#Cardano #Ada #Blockchainhttps://t.co/Fc9cNlK3y3


2019-08-07 03:00:40

Cardano Price Analysis ADA / USD: Deteriorating State: * Cardano has a bearish short-term trading outlook, with the… https://t.co/czlfwVpCFk


2019-08-07 03:00:02

The Current Price of #Cardano is: $0.053967 (-3.35% in the past 24 hours)



2019-08-07 02:55:40

@JTPMunday @CardanoStiftung @telegram @telegram @durov , can you please look into this scam using Cardano logo and name.


2019-08-07 02:40:47

RT @emurgo_io: EMURGO is one of the founding entities of Cardano Blockchain! Follow us for more on Cardano.


2019-08-07 02:28:05

Cardano Price Changed by -4.83 percent https://t.co/8TnOaoZ8oG ---

As at 2019-08-06 average Cardano price is 0.0… https://t.co/EBH4OX3bpV


2019-08-07 02:24:46

#ADA Cardano price analysis reveals that the Cardano (ADA) has been laying low, below the triangle pattern. This be… https://t.co/T3BvfJAT1N

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