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Hello fellow #DevSTEEM enthusiasts. While the @devcoin account progresses integration and use of DVC on STEEM, I thought I would share a way ordinary folk such as myself can use a not yet well known method to acquire more DVC without using a BTC base-pair or a third party means of exchange. I would like to share with you how I successfully bought devcoins (DVC) issued on the STELLAR Platform ( from the issuer account of DeVCoin co-creator "markm" from (;u=3932).

On Steemit, he goes by @knotwork, and his existence participating in a gaming/multi-dimensional RPG/financial system with an internet/pre-web economy goes back into the 1980's on newsgroups which then branched into a game (with a more familiar STEEM contributor and #DevSTEEM lead @novacadian). In fact, is where I luckily have access to the newly supported DevCoin Admin forums where a lot is happening to Re-launch DevCoin itself.

What that entails is private, but it has every bit to do with the most structured and responsible release/rollout schedule I have ever studied. It fascinates me the time spent on this overlooked and mostly unknown "cryptocurrency" or "gaming" asset. Regardless of what you think to be "real" value or not by today's standards still do not matter to DeVCoin (DVC). To know a developer's contribution to DeVCoin is to realize the impact cryptocurrencies and digital assets will have on the masses in the not so distant future - keep that in mind as I am about to describe a pursuit of acquiring DVC that takes quite a bit of time and effort. @develCuy wrote about the "lean" structure of it all in the past year right here on Steemit. If you get a chance to see how #DevSTEEM today alludes to the past release and forking of coins we know as a society (Bitcoin "BTC") from possible testnets and/or pre-fork integrated with public "fake-blockchains" that develCuy mentions as a possibility to deter LOUD, spamming of a chain and avoid blockchain halts such as the one he commented on after STEEM #HF20 - then you will realize good things take a lot of time in developing a blockchain-based crypto/web economic system. Besides DevCoin and STEEM integration (#DevSTEEM) there's other platform integrating and hopping going on with better, modernized platforms - such as STELLAR - which just reflects on the many things DeVCoin developers work on at once at any given time, in public if you're willing to look for it:

Link to Issuer Account:

Processes have repeated and repeated despite being renamed and ported all over. So I guess what I am set out to do here today is show you a possible future port that makes sense going forward for an "ancient coin" and a solution of value that loops all the way back to the start of this organized chaos - via a unique exchange utilizing the STELLAR platform (an @IBM project + many other partners) and a token representation of DVC on STELLAR issued by the co-creator of DeVCoin and the ancient-coded HZ (HORIZON) himself, markm (visit to find specific servers and software markm interacts with as well as sourceforge for his work on Open Transactions through the Digitalis Open Transactions server contract that preceded the listing of assets and currencies on STELLAR/HORIZON:

Wondering What Newsgroups Were Like Before Google

Literally text and slashes... to Google Page Rank, Maps... you get it. (found on TKC BBS)

Before I knew where to interact with markm's Stellar issuer account and successfully receive DVC into a Stellar wallet, I was missing a place with a straight forward UI to Buy/Sell DVC in this manner as well as a wallet that would establish a trustline with the issuer @Knotwork and hold my DVC asset. was the first solution to both of those needs (and offers more features one might find useful after buying/selling assets on STELLAR:

Thanks to regularly visiting the DevCoin[DVC] topic at, I became aware of a link a dev who seemingly recently joined Devcoin, known as "Traxo" and on Steemit as @traxo, provided information to solve both of the aforementioned needs that I sought to use STELLAR to exchange DVC ( He discovered this direct linking of assets after talking with the support staff from, and doing a bit of digging someone who is used to sharing useful information with society might do. If applied to STEEM and Steemit, you would say @traxo is good at curating. Back in the day on (@novacadian 's website where he posts useful links for STEEM and hosts the DevCoin Admin forums), a newsletter originated, perhaps one of the first curated "maps" for different "online" material that a group or community of online entities would want to find in the pre-search engine/World Wide Web era of the mid-to-late 1980's:

The earliest use of that can be viewed shows an online effort to curate the news before the World Wide Web existed. Here on Steemit there is an effort to continue rewarding those who curate, whether beta, mainnet, or @testnet ( It's a simulation with public integration, a @develCuy production.

DevCoin is Not Broken, It's Waiting and Pacing Along


In 2018 Voyager 2 reached interstellar space, its journey beginning in the 1970's. Launched in 2006, New Horizons then maneuvered for a flyby of Kuiper belt object (486958) 2014 MU69 "Ultima Thule", which occurred on January 1, 2019,[25][26] when it was 43.4 AU from the Sun. In August 2018, NASA cited results by Alice on New Horizons to confirm the existence of a "hydrogen wall" at the outer edges of the Solar System. This "wall" was first detected in 1992 by the two Voyager spacecraft (overlapping missions of old and New, confirmed in 2018, detected in 1992, technology from the ancient ages of communications technology and computing)...

In association of DevCoin and STELLAR there are two uses of the name "Horizon" that play a major part of each's ecosystem. Is coincidence possible? On ancient, one new, and one yet to be confirmed in between? I cannot be sure, but I am free to associate and theorize like scientists did for 26 years when confirming a "Hydrogen wall" at the edge of the Solar System. Horizon 5.4 (download from uses the GPLv2 and that is about 30 years old itself. Good technology and organized systems take time to be realized. For me it took some serious time studying them to appreciate the value of time. Patience. Dream big. Don't ask when moon? Ask, when does time cease to exist? Where is that space? What secrets are stored there, what treasure to be found?

Time is relative to distance. If you saw Interstellar you would know McConaughey came back to our Solar System 60 years younger than his daughter.

We have the power to make our own determinations and associations when it comes to game theory (for gaming currency, assets, and financial exchange)

The jist of knotwork is abstract values that come together over time. DeVCoin development shares ancient history with a lot of addresses, servers, hosts, devs, screen names, whatever, etc. but with a continuous curation and specifically planned rollout in public since the 1980's all the way to the same people running the DevCoin project today (thanks mainly to -Nova and -MarkM- who once shared a pizza concerning the value of all of this). Picking up where others "abandoned" and abstracting away value by way of simulation environments (mentioned by @develCuy here on Steemit concerning fake/simulated networks) are all ways to get you to look closer or to look away.

Consistency of Chaos/Boredom - Over Time, Ask Why?

I suppose for me I look closer because I wonder why so much time would be spent on something so organized and public, yet missing something possibly self-healing or planned to execute at a later date. I find myself learning about computing, ethics, worldwide financial systems, human innovation, will, and being floored by "development" of it all - at least what I can see. @traxo asks me why I do this, because its a game. It's a simulation to some. It also motivates me to use the links I've been given, that WE'VE been given as the ordinary people (outside the private planning). I'm talking about when someone gives you a direct link to a market you couldn't figure out how to use. Use it first by all means! Or second, since I already bought DVC and HZ on STELLAR.


The @novacadian of #DevSTEEM and trollkeep's earliest days goes by "Booner" on trollkeep's first snapshot. He explained to me that it was a nickname taken after "Daniel Boone" a pioneer of the American frontier. These are the first nations to ever succeed in developing "online" systems imo. There's plenty of value being revealed if you're not too afraid to dive into this Frontier and stake your positions while you still can.

Buy/Sell DVC issued asset on STELLAR Platform

The link is a direct link to the DVC buy/sell market for XLM because the exchange itself doesn't list Stellar issued assets with such a large "spread" (gap between buy/sell). Think of a time before one could "Google" anything but instead had found shared links in early Internet newsgroups/bulletin boards. After @traxo did the leg work, I was able to pickup on the link by using a board it was shared on. Fast-forward to today, and I will share that link here with you on social media!

This was the first way I became exposed to a solution in order to access the DVC market created by markm (-MarkM-). Using - a place that allows you to trade without actually moving XLM onto the "exchange" using your own wallet. On this "exchange" one could directly link and trade any asset by manually establishing a line of trust with assets listed on stellar, so long as they have information for the issuing account as well as the correct "ticker" for the asset ( That information allows you to add the DVC asset into your Home panel on as well as acquire it directly into your wallet, which is not actually "on" but linked to the exchange's UI and services. This is an advantage in that whatever you hold on your Stellar account cannot be lost unless you compromise your private keys.

The process is complicated and seems tedious for a modern platform like STELLAR. It could be just an ancient piece of the puzzle or port away from an infinitely scaling solution. Yet, I was asked, so I will share how I acquired these STELLAR DVC (and HZ).

On an 80's Note: A "Step-by-Step" Process to Acquire DVC on STELLAR


Without further adieu, let me describe how I successfully was able to acquire DVC from @knotwork using STELLAR:

  1. Go to "Enter Account" to create a new Stellar wallet, which also requires you to create a "Session password" for using's services - it IS NOT attached to your wallet - it just helps you access your "Home" panel of your account on the exchange (and all the other features offered by

  2. If you're a returning user, as I am, "Enter Account" will take you to a login prompt ( where you can use the "Session password" you created to go along with your new STELLAR private key/wallet - or - your imported wallet after signing up an account with

  3. Now that you're on the Home panel you can see an overview of what's offered on the UI after login. The "Wallet" tab is where you can create new wallets or import existing wallets to use on this UI. You can see the DVC and HZ asset on my Home list of assets I keep in my Home section on the exchange. To the right is a list of transactions done using this Stellar account. The first step is to create the trustline with DVC by "tying up Stellar" (so make sure you send some XLM to fund your account you've created if you don't have XLM already. To end up with 10,000 DVC and 120 HZ on my Stellar account I started this process with ~65 XLM tokens:
    Home Tray.png

  4. Assume that I didn't already have that DVC asset on my Home panel. Click "Add Token" to manually add "DVC" along with its correct issuing account (or @knotwork 's issuing account - from to your Home panel:

  5. The "issuer" (issuing DVC) account is: GBHAQ252S4Z4AQOM4BWIRC3UHAOJIKCZQBUJGD336YH2O7W2NKRXMHA5

  6. Click "DVC" now in your list of assets on the Home panel. Establish a trustline by "tying up" XLM (for me it was 0.5 XLM) to Buy DVC on the exchange. I clicked SBD since I already have a DVC trustline established. When you click DVC it'll popup with an "About" section where you can select "Trust Asset" for DVC and the line of trust is established so that you're free to Buy/Sell DVC:

  7. You may now use your remaining XLM (or any other asset a market for DVC may exist on STELLAR) to Buy/Sell DVC!

  8. Click "Trading" then click the tab on the far right (in light blue below). Select the icon on the left by clicking the position where you see "DVC" > select "DVC" from the "My Assets" tab. Then select the icon to the right that you want to trade with, "BUY DVC" with, which for me was XLM (also from the "My Assets" tab in the popup menu). Click "Go":

  9. The trade screen will look like this displaying a Lumens (XLM) balance and you can use that to "Buy DVC" or "Sell DVC"... you can also swap the pairing to "Buy XLM" or "Sell XLM" (for DVC) in this instance. This is what my screen looked like a few days ago before I bought any DVC:

  10. I was able to Buy 10,000 DVC with 36 XLM ($0.87 USD on 11/9/2019). Lest to say I was pleased to do business at such a low rate. The exchanging of assets was instant. You can see an explorer's record of the transaction here (linked directly from your transactions on the right side column of your Home panel on

  11. A flurry of transactions followed my purchase of DVC after a month or two of dormant trading. I theorize that STELLAR has many connections out to fiat, forex, stocks, platforms, apps, social media, and things we may not even peg a value to yet that will tie very much back into the "ancient coins" these DVC tokens represent - so long as you trust the issuing account (@knotwork a.k.a. -MarkM-). Since he co-created DeVCoin, the Galactic Milieu, and maintains all the charts/records of these financial figures/devoting hours to years to the community in public view as well - I'm going to say it's okay to trust him on STELLAR as well as "backing" his DVC with actual DVC:

  12. As of November 11, 2019 it appears that DVC activity on STELLAR has picked up considerably:

  13. OPTIONAL: If you're determined to convert your DVC and other tokens from ""
    you have to personally reach out to @knotwork, markm on bitcointalk (;u=3932), or add "knotwork" via chat on STELLAR integrated, KEYBASE [using - which has all sorts of functions but mainly a chat and a Stellar wallet which will display your tokens in addition to XLM - add "knotwork"]. The reason you contact him is because as the issuer he will run you through how he wants you to return the DVC you hold as well as plan out how to send you blockchain-based, DeVCoin, "real" DVC, whatever you call what you would receive at a normal DVC address (SUCH AS, the address for the new Devcoin Foundation: 1KKZGDL56sHrZefZWw2p61x1z3qzyNAUDJ). This is off-the-chain and requires trust between you and the issue that he will send you DVC once you "cash-in"/"cash-out" your DVC tokens with him (the issuer) via STELLAR. I haven't done this step yet because I want to keep my tokens at the same STELLAR address I used on but using my "Keybase" wallet (for desktop, but I also have iOS):

  14. Here's a keybase (desktop) chat with markm (knotwork on and app) which I could send any STELLAR asset to a user via chat. MarkM will probably recommend doing things differently. You can also find him on the HZ (Horizon Platform) discord as "knotwork" where I've found him before: [he mentioned this in a comment on bitcointalk, linked here:]

Never Conclude

That's it for now. I realize that I am here just barking at the wind now. I was asked to share my experience, but I also wanted to add some serious attention to the unknown. It's my time, I can spend it how I want and bet on the future in the way I see fit. I'm not hurting anyone, and I'm betting on humanity being just a step ahead, a bit smarter, and being a lot nicer when it comes to foreign relations than is portrayed in the media. The noise gets louder around those of us who point out some of the obvious things that a majority of people are missing. Again, I appreciate the DeVCoin community because they ask me to share instead of shut me out. DeVCoin involves the public in its community and that's why it will ultimately sustain itself and succeed. For decades the people who exist as parts of the project space's predecessors and/or future links have invested their time and their soul in Open Source development. Now its time to reveal the value of that work. #Round100 is coming.

You don't have to play games to observe. Make your best moves for you.

Updated: If you'd like to know how to exchange your STELLAR DVC tokens with @knotwork for real blockchain DVC coins, read Part Two.


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Thank you for writing the guide.

I invite everyone who goes through steps 1-9, and optional step 13, to provide feedback here in the comment section :)

You showed the way. Great work!

@knotwork could you run me through your end of how we would go about exchanging STELLAR issued DVC tokens for actual DeVCoins that you would send to my Devcoin - Wallet?

Going through the instructions this morning and now have a wallet created on the with DVC now being listed on the Home screen, with the issuer being:


This brings me up to your step 6. by my understanding.

Now it appears that to get the trust going there is a need of some XLMs or some other tokens like SBD in your case. There are 40.000023 in my Stargazer wallet. Being a HODLer transferring around crypto is always a bit scary to me as it is done so seldomly. Imagine how so it would be to the total noob. In that regard a little explanation on how to get funds into the new wallet may be benefical for the total noob.

Will explore the requirements to transfer XLM from my Stargazer wallet to the new Interstellar one and comment about that experience.

... To be continued

[Edit : We could have supplemental posts covering the different aspects being suggested and then a final post linking them all together or something like that. This kind of approach is attempted in my bicycle riding series, Novacadian's Nova Scotia Biking Tours. ]

Good strategy proposal Nova!

I edited this post today changing all trollkeep references to the right .com address even though they are not hot-linked or whatever.

As for your Edit in this comment that sounds like a good plan, a final post linking all relevant and related posts together! I am going to do a follow up to this where I send my STELLAR DVC tokens to MarkM (@knotwork) and receive DVC into my windows Devcoin - Wallet (the 32-bit version from, as it is the only one I have found and it works, for now... it is version and a beta from what I understand per a 2014 post by sidhujag over on our public bitcointalk thread.)

Great stuff, @satoshi0x! Sorry about the delay in getting your 10k DVC rewards to you. Hopefully there will be some time over the holidays to get my wallet functional again.

The XLM for the trust was just 0.5 when I did it =P

Glad that it made me pause. Twenty seemed a bit extreme. 😎

So with DVC set up in my new interstellar wallet the process to transfer XLM from my Statgazer wallet to make my purchase begins....

Screenshot from 2019-11-13 10-08-03.png

After grabbing the public key from the new interstellar wallet it was placed in the Account to receive in the Send area of my Stargazer wallet and the notice that came up unnerved me a bit and gave me pause...

Screenshot from 2019-11-13 10-17-32.png

"Recipient account isn't registered. Send a minimum amount of 20 XLM to activate it."

How did you get your SBD into the interstellar wallet, @satoshi0x and was there a minimum amount required?

Have you considered just using your private key to access your balance through directly? That's what I did.

Is that what they are referring to by importing a wallet as opposed to creating one? Not at desk top right now yet seem to remember them calling it "import".

How did you get your SBD to your interstellar wallet?

I just used SBD for an example in place of "DVC" to show someone how to add a coin to their Home panel. There is no "interstellar wallet" per say, it's just a menu that helps you access the tokens so they can be "sent to your wallet" - which is not on the exchange.

I used SBD for the example because I had already added DVC to my wallet before you asked me to write this tutorial and I wasn't going to delete the DVC (and untrust the asset - causing me more XLM to just reactivate it again) for the purpose of this tutorial because that'd be ridiculous - and I would've had to forfeit my 10,000 DVC tokens I have on Stellar as a part of that process.

I noticed that users of the Android/Google Play Store app for "Stargazer" are having issues sending funds as well. Read reviews here:

Any insights as to Stargazer's demand @knotwork?

It also appears that Stargazer is not open source, and was in the middle of changing licensing on github, but they clearly say here that it is "not open source":

Could be an issue of compatibility that you'd be aware of more than I.

What a fun read! You really took me down Memory Lane in your intro yet brought out, what seems, the real nitty gritty as to how to perform a token swap using STELLAR once Daniel Boone was accounted for. 😎

You soon had me digging around my external backup drive and installing hz-v5.4 and Stargazer-1.5.3-x86_64.AppImage. To my surprise Stargazer contained 40.000023 XLMs and 36.08 CAD from days gone by!

Will probably try testing in the morning with the new wallet you mentioned.

Great job and you really gave me my 10,000 DVC worth regardless of how testing goes. 🤓

The only correction to make, at this point, is that the site you reference is not org. Your hot links all went where they should have though. 👍

OH my, I'm glad I didn't mess anything up with the links!

That's all really interesting I'm sure that your addition to the testing will move the ball forward for us all. What a great community @devcoin has!

Hey @novacadian

Wanted to post a reply to the STEEM blockchain with my DVC address to collect the 10,000 DVC bounty from you whenever you can send. Please send to the address below.

DVC: 1CivV8c2MRJ3aZPa4R3bPBoAagwawKSNqi