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The fundamental content object is a comment. A comment is uniquely referenced via ${AUTHOR}/${PERMLINK} where ${PERMLINK} specified by the author.

All comments refer to their parent (who they are replying to) via the parent's ${AUTHOR}/${PERMLINK}. If the parent ${AUTHOR} is empty, then ${PERMLINK} is interpreted as a ${TOPIC}.

Care must be taken to make sure the same content doesn't appear at multiple URLs or if it does, the user is redirected to the canonical URL.


The WebClout GUI will have the following URL scheme:

An individual root-level discussion thread or blog post is referenced as:

/category/@username/slug -> root level discussion for topic

To reference a specific comment as part of a discussion



/trending/${CATEGORY}  -> shows top comments by highest REWARD_SHARES 
/recent/${CATEGORY} -> shows most recently posted comments under this category
/top/${CATEGORY} -> shows the comments that have received the highest income
/mature/${CATEGORY} -> shows the comments that are about to be paid out for easy review

If ${CATEGORY} is null then it shows the aggregate of all categories.


A user's profile page can be viewed at this URL:


A user's posting history:


A user's transaction history excluding comments and voting:


A user's voting history



The market for USD vs CLOUT


The above documentation is wrong. It still refers to CLOUT and has other issues. Let's hammer this out on the wiki before publishing it here.

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