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RE: STEEM to ERC20 Token Exchange! Developers Needed! [Closed]

in #dev3 years ago

Sounds like you want an OTC exchange. That is great. If you ever get a decent amount of revenue, you should consider building a centralized exchange. One that trades STEEM and SBD as central trading pairs against everything else. That is what will put STEEM in the mainstream. That is what the other exchanges are doing. They have created their own coin as a major trading pair to edge out Bitcoin's dominance. Imangine if you did that with STEEM and SBD?


My idea is to create exchange for STEEM&SBD to ERC20 token version of STEEM & SBD. Those tokens could be listed to all main ERC20 exchanges like
ForkDelta -
Etherdelta -
RadarRelay -
Kyber Network -
ERCDex -
Dextroid -
Paradex -
Bancor -
Dubiex -
Trade Airswap -
Oasisdex -
EasyTrade -

We could buy tokenized STEEM on many more exchanges and exchange it for "real" STEEM on my exchange.