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RE: Thailand Part 12 - Zurück nach Bangkok: Wat Pho und Bootsfahrt auf dem majestätischen Chao Phraya Fluss// Devuelta en Bangkok: Wat Pho y un viaje en barco por el río Chao Phraya (DE//ESP)

in #deutsch3 years ago

My goodness! The injuries are really Scary if you ask me, and it seems the one on your belly is the removal of the skin's upper layer and that's gotta hurt like hell, I'm sorry I really didn't know this and I apologise for not reaching out all this while, but I'm glad you had better Care in chang Mai. I know you're sad to return to Germany though but you're a Traveller you always make it back.

I've nominated you post on @theycallmedan post to get a potential vote, I hope you get it as well.


Thanks man! What a nice surprise 🙏😊

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Of course lol you deserve it

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