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RE: Abstrakte Reflektion durch Malerei

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Uhhh, thank you very much for the hint! Im using photoshop and do most of the stuff with different modes of blending into one another and a rubber to get one layer more present in certain ereas. In the last santance I was suggesting a simular but also somhow another way of interpretating the hole thing: That all of this is about getting art to be alive :D So yes you are basically right, but the point of getting "art..."Itself"!! to be like a living beeing" is for me important. - okay I explain it maybe a bit further: we draw/ paint people/creatures to get an idea of a human/crature... that should seem alive! Even if its a very disturbing phantastic or grotesque one.... I dont want a real creature or a person to become alive. In my first reflection I wrote about painting: "I want to discover what acrylic paint is capable of and what kind of structures can appear. I have no intention to draw anything that is in my mind ... I am most interested in discovering the endless possibilities of acrylic colour" This "endless possibilities" of course have also to be structured or ordered. While the process of the picture almost every possibility is vanishing. Only one possibility can become the finished picture! There my idea of "art itself should become alive" came up, because I neither thematize anything in the world nor any phantasy of my brain! The painting itself and its process becomes the main topic and so the artwork has to become alive through a system of structure! So the artwork gets alive when it is follows certain "rules"which come up while painting. Wheras previously I was interpreting the picture as an abstract reflection of a feeling to be alive as a human. But maybe these two aspects aren't that far away from each other then we think, because while painting i always have to identify with the picture. But it's still important to keep these two points apart....


Thank you for the translation.
When i'm making abstract paintings or photos I'm searching the same thing: making that artwork alive, Kunst selbst! I love that 'selbst' in German, one word telling so much.
But at the end I interpret it trough my own feelings just to make that painting closer to others, but I know that was not my truth aim, although it may have something from me in it, cause we cannot separate the subject and object, especially when the object is made by subject.
Did I get your words right?

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