Going into Detox

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For the next week I am joining my wife in a detox/fasting week.


Now, why on earth would I do this you ask?

I guess partly because I have been gaining a bit of weight and this is indeed a way to go about that in a healthy and controlled way. And this is also in a way a cleansing of the body. If you think about it in this way:
most that are active here live in a world of abundance. We have to much choice and have never really suffered any hunger. If you look back into the history of man this is a recent phenomenon. Before modern times there were the cavemen for a lot longer and they were happy when they had something to eat like an animal or some berries but this was not always the case. They were used to periods of hunger and a lack of sustenance. So our bodies still cary that legacy and I am trying to see if I can go a week on a low calorie liquid diet.


Daily programme

  • early morning: hot water with lemon juice and a bit of ginger
  • late morning: green or vegetable smoothy
  • during the day: thee (each day another kind)
  • late afternoon another smoothy if needed
  • vegetable broth in the evening
  • early to bed

And drinking 2 to 3 liters of water per day.

My wife has done the before and is probably doing a harder version (skip the smoothy)
I have now just finished making our first big portion of vegetable broth filled with fresh bio local vegetables and herbs and spices.

The Big no go's during this week:

  • Coffee/Caffeine
  • Salt
  • Solid foods.

This will be in combination with a meditation in the evening and a yoga session in the morning (in my case if I get out of bed at 6h30 and this will be the big challenge for me)

So wish me luck...

  • Did you do anything similar in the past?
  • If you did, how was it?
  • If you did not, would you?
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I've done plenty of this sort of thing in the past, I'm a big fan of this sort of semi-fast.

The only problem is it takes about 5 days to adapt to it, and I don't think I've ever lasted past two weeks, as some sort of life event gets in the way!

Depending on how much coffee you drink, you'll probably miss that the most - caffeine headaches suck. but Green tea can help!

thanks for the tip on the tea... I am sure I will need it. I have one of those fancy coffee machines and use it every day. Lucky I already quit smoking.

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Hey cheers for the SBI - I do like those! Delegated to @wherein too - nice little return and an upvote!

Best of luck with the detox. I recommend sticking with it for longer than a week, maybe just replace the smoothies with something light for lunch and dinner - otherwise yr kind of wasting the 4-5 days it takes to adjust!

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Nice man!
I did one a month ago (1st day only water, 2nd-3rd day with veggies juices, 4th-5th day fruits/veggies juices + solid raw fruits veggies)
The first day I had a little apprehension, "how will my body react?" but in fact everything went well! the days seem longer necessarily because the meals punctuate our days. I was lucky when I did it because it was a nice weather during the 5 days which allowed me to walk, garden etc. The third day I began to feel really good, energetic, not at all weak and I felt really serene, full of peace. I intend to do it again this year. Ideally it must be done in good conditions, without too much work constraints or other stuffs.
Enjoy it! Will be happy to read your feedback.

well, hopefully the conditions stay ok. I survived the first day and went to bed really early, slept 12 hours but feel really good now... lets hope it continues

I never did it, but I made another fasting already. You remember me, to make it again, need it and my body is asking for it

wenn dein Körper danach fragt dann muss mann das auch machen wurde ich sagen...


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