Balance - what does it mean to me

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‭looking at the word balance - I have been looking at what I need versus what I want/desire. There is a part of me that still likes labels, i.e - designer labels, and although I never pay full price for a labelled item, I get super excited when I can buy something with 50% off, because then I have a bargain, wahoo. What dictates how much something costs? And why should a designer label item cost more than a non labelled item, just because of its name behind it? I recently bought a quality leather bag, that was quite expensive for me, but my thoughts then went to think about the work behind it, someone had to give their time and labour to produce it, so surely it's worth a little extra? Designers now a days use 'sweat shops' and I have items from one designer who's quality over the years has diminished because of being produced in China - but the prices have stayed the same.

Where is the balance point in all of this ? Today I realised that balance for me within this is allowing myself the odd quality item( if I have the money) and less of the things I don't need, but are only bought on a whim, because it's designer and cheap, fit my definition of balance. I often end up with items of clothes with the labels still on, never being worn, because it's a bargain! Nothing is ever a bargain if you don't need it in the first place. The bank balance is exactly that for a reason, to balance ones finances is to look practically at what is required and not be driven by our emotions.


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