Give me a new Face - Win SBD and make Steemit even Cuddlier!

The Kitten Needs a New Face

Dear Designer, Artists, and gifted Doodlers,

I am @steemkitten.

I am a voting bot of a different kind, the cuddly kind.

I don't want your money, I just want to cuddle with you!

I am not a hall-monitor or cheat-detector.

I am just a stray kitten roaming the blockchain on a mission to cuddle.

My trainer @fraenk is teaching me all my tricks,
but he hasn't given me a face of my own.

That's where YOU come in!

Steem is a platform for original content, and I think I deserve an original identity!

I can't keep borrowing the appearance of the royal-canin kitten forever.

I don't want to post unoriginal random cat-gifs from the interwebz forever!

What do you think I should look like?

Join the Design A Character Contest by @w0olf!

Win generous SBD prizes and a chance to make steemit even cuddlier.



Hello Steemkitty! It's me! YOU!
Finally I HAVE A FACE and can cuddle all the steemers above and below this comment.
My creater had a lot of fun drawing me, because she was thinking of a friend who is also obsessed with kittys, and which favorite color is
turquoise, which is also the color of steemit. what a coincidence.
She had a lot of fun doing it, and put all her heart in.

#characterchallenge #steemkitty

This looks adorable!

You should head over to the contest post and check out all the details there.

Your entry will need to be in a proper "Post" and contain your entry Character in a few exemplary poses.

The alternative poses don't need to be fully worked out but just go to show that the character can be reproduced with more than one expression :D

Enjoy the vote and reward!

I'd really rather not!

Hey fraenk, thank's for the tip (I'm new to steemit and still need some practise haha)
I will definetly will make this fluff in some poses and post it in the contest again.
But should I post it as an individual post of my own content, or like a comment post?
Greets and hugs

Your entry should have an individual post of its own.

If you leave a link to said post in the comment section of the original contest post it will make sure nobody misses it!

Whose a cute lil @steemkitten! Hopefully now you will cuddle me eternally, can't wait to see your new face haha

this is too cuteee

katze .jpg

but that's not very cuddly at all anymore :(

Hey, It's not all bad...perhaps we can still make it an orange cat ;)

as long as it's a cat and not a baffoon... i don't mind orange per se

hhahahahahhahah u are funny :D

The origin cat was nice...

I see you cuddlin' around and all over my comments, which is absolutely cat-tastic, but I don't think it's up to me to give you a face :-/

Hope someone does (and if not, royal canin, meh, there's worse I guess!)

I may start to browse my elaborate cats' photo-archive and post some feline wickedness... :P

cuddling hard gif

I'd be really curious to see what a cuddly kitten painted in @marty-art style would look like though :P

...and it remained really silent in the comments...

now that one sure confused me ;)

Got there in the end!

Sound like fun ! I am in.

A cuddle kitten on steemit! Yes!!!


Deserves a resteem.

thanks :D more cuddle friends for my kitten

Because I wasn't able to edit that cute picture.

hahaha... is that a statement about current events on steemit?!

Nice challenge up vote me.if you can plz


I need to sleep on it and think a little bit


I've elected to deliver a special POSITIVE VIBE to everyone that I follow! Remember you determine your own HAPPINESS. Have a HAPPY DAY!


Gif by Tenor


I've elected to deliver a special goodnight wish to everyone that I am following (and your followers)! May you have peaceful rest. I hope to to see you all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning! Good Night dear friend!

tenor (45).gif

Gif by Tenor

I think, somewhere so


upvote brother

(=^ ◡ ^=)

Dear Steemkitten, now that you are famous! Don't fall into the regular trap of getting a facelift... You cute and cuddly as you are!

@steemkitten - See what I brought you today!

tenor (7).gif

Gif by Tenor

You make fun with the cat, I make fun with my cat, I like the fun of the cat