DESIGN A CHARACTER CONTEST - Week 4 - SPECIAL EDITION!||My Little “for now” Maine Coon Kitten Aleenia|| Entry 4



So hi again, this is my fourth and last entry. I took full advantage on this fourth entry. I’m really a realistic artist and I just have drawn things fast and furious, just to have fun entering all the Steemit art contest I can. I really hardly ever draw cartoonish type portraits but I’ve had fun practicing. Actually kind of challenging because I paint mainly still life, or from photos. I decided with this kitten I would slow down and show you what I can do with realism. So this be it. I spent about six hours on Her.

Maine Coon Kitty

She’s my personal favorite. She’s a “Maine Coon Kitty” and if you know anything about cats 🐈 this is exactly what they look like. Isn’t she puuurrrrty. My daughter owns a real one. They grow like giants, look them up on the internet. They are amazing creatures. Thank you God! She’s all drawn with my iPad Procreate App. I give credit to my greatly appreciated husband @sighmanjestah for giving me the idea. Two heads are better than one.



Procreate Time Lapse Video(2.5min)

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meowing for attention gif meow?!

Wow this looks very realistic!
Nice entry again! I see you are working hard! :D All four possible entries! Great!


Thank you @w0olf. It was a fun contest,enjoyed participating in it very much.

Sooo cute.

Wow... all four entries filled up! In can't thank you enough for showing so much heart in this contest!

They get fluffier every time it seems, and the time-lapse video has been really interesting to watch.

The Maien Coon kitten was my immediate choice for steemkitten's "prototype-face", I don't think there's much that could be cuddlier than a maine coon fluffball.

Wow @lildebbiecakes this is fantastic! The fur looks so soft!😻