Pink and Violet Roses—Customized Party Supplies

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Personalized Party Supplies On Demand

custom designed party supplies

Since 2014, I've been earning a little money every month by creating designs for the POD (print-on-demand) company Zazzle.

Pink and Violet Roses—Party Supplies

Currently, I have three Zazzle stores. In this post, I would like to feature one of my favorite designs from my 400 Planets store.

The Main Image—a Colorful Seamless Pattern

In March, I designed a flower print or seamless pattern. I used two rose brushes to make two roses (pink and violet) and generated a random pattern using PhotoShop's Random Fill tool. After generating a pleasing variety of roses, I completed the design with a muted blue-to-brown gradient background.

Designing Products

With my main image ready to go, I started creating new items for my Patterns—Organic category. Zazzle has thousands of products on its website, most of which can be customized or personalized in some way. I usually work with a small subset, creating 50 to 120 products for a particular design.

Note: Regarding my work as a designer: I consider the image I create (or adapt) in PhotoShop as my Main Design, but I also consider each individual product in my store as a discrete design...

Gift Bag and Box of Chocolates

Zazzle's New Design Tools

Zazzle provides a design tool that enables customers and designers to customize a product. Last year, Zazzle updated its design tool, adding a lot of new features, including filters. When I started my Pink and Violet Roses designs, I decided to play with the new filters and came up with some interesting results.

First Sale

Pink and Violet Roses in a Random Pattern Favor Box

Last month, I finally made my first sale from my Pink and Violet RosesPink and Violet Roses in a Random Pattern Favor Box. Subsequently, I decided to do more promotion for this design and created several collections and used a pretty pin generator to create pins for Pinterest.

Lastly, I did a slideshow video featuring my roses pattern.

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I will probably do more collections, more Pinterest pins and more videos for my lovely roses in the future.

© Copyright 2017 P.D., The Ninth Art

Source: All images are from 400 Planets.

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Really pretty design @theninthart! upvoted and resteemed. Already followed you.

Thanks so much @sallykwitt. One of my goals with this design was to make something pretty. If you look at the designs in my stores, most of the original work is not what most people would call pretty. Even a lot of designs adapted from public domain work aren't conventionally "pretty". I wanted to change things up a bit and find a new way of creating seamless patterns.

If you are connected the master designer, you create wonders

If I understand you—master designer is God? I am not particularly religious although I do believe in God and the power of prayer. Sometimes when I am creating a design or writing an article, I do feel connected to some positive force, something greater than myself. That feeling keeps me going even when long hours of work don't pay off the way I wanted.

One may be religious without knowing God. Knowing God is about a personal relationship with him by faith through Jesus Christ. Do pray always and blessings

good job