One hundred bottles of gin, vodka, and rum ready to be....

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TRANSFORMED! Last week, a recycling factory here in Bali contacted me. Turns out they have an over abundance of gin, vodka, wine and rum bottles. They don't know what to do with them. Like in many places in the world, glass alcohol bottles just don't get recycled (here was a scandal story last month about a recycling factories in Australia that is dumping their glass bottles in the landfill.*

But... I've got lots of ideas! In fact, an abundance of bottles is a playground for me. Over the next week, as I get back onto Steemit I will be posting my adventures working the team at the Recycling factory.


As you can see in this photo, we've already started. The first steps of building with bottles are the following:

  • Choose the appropriate brand and color of bottles for your creation (i.e. clear for lamps)
  • In the case of liquor bottles ake sure you have the caps
  • Soak the bottles for a day to remove the labels and clean the inside
  • Lay out the bottles to dry in the sun
  • Find a perfectly flat area to work.

table glowing.jpg

As you may know, my design work and inventions are all open source. I do my best to work with materials and methods that can be easily copied and replicated. I will do my best to lay out the steps involved in my posts. We're going to be making:

  • Lamps from rum and Bombay Saphire gin bottles.
  • Coffee Tables from Jack Daniels Bottles
  • Drinking bottles from wine bottles
  • Milstein Module stools from rum bottles
  • A chair from rum bottles

Ok... stay posted! Bottle making adventures to follow.
You can always view my work with bottles on my site too:
Here the link to the story on the Australian over abundance of bottles:

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