ONEPAGEX; The Simplest Cryptocurrency Converter in the World

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I used this infographic white and green design because it is legible and those are the colors of ONEPAGEX LOGO.
The design clearly states the features of ONEPAGEX and inside the infographic, you have the integrated cryptocurrencies which consists of Bitcoin, BitcoinCashABC, Monero, Steem and Litecoin. I also include the process of conversion.

Lets talk about ONEPAGEX

"One page exchange" is a simple one page interface exchange platform that enable the easy conversion between different types of cryptocurrency assets with very low fee, minimal risk and no registration. ONEPAGEX has been trying to make the exchange of cryptocurrency simpler than ever so that everyone gets to enjoy a hassle-free cryptocurrency exchanging experience. This platform allows people to transact cryptocurrency from a single page; hence, this has been named as OnePageExchange. ONEPAGEX is the simplest cryptocurrency exchange; it is a platform that allows exchanges of cryptocurrencies without any type of registration, no matter how unreal it sounds, you do not have to go through the annoying approval steps and late registrations, and everything is surely anonymous.

Some Amazing Features are;

  1. Free from the trouble of registration process
    ONEPAGEX doesn’t require anyone to register to start exchanging cryptocurrency. It saves the valuable time and energy that people waste on a registration process. It creates a unique URL to run every transaction process which never expires

  2. Instant Transaction
    ONEPAGEX offers instant transaction as soon as it receives and confirms the payment of an order

  3. Multiple transactions one page
    The whole exchange process happens on the single page. Yes, you heard that right - single page! What's more, instructions are given.

  4. Supports more than 140 Cryptocurrencies
    ONEPAGEX offers people to exchange and compare the price of more than 140 cryptocurrencies. It can integrate with the other exchanges to come up with the best price of a cryptocurrency.

  5. Low Transaction Fee
    With the arising cryptocurrency exchanges, one of the problems are the transaction fees. Some have very high transaction fee, more than 1% and it makes some users lose the interest to use that certain exchange. Compared to some exchanges, ONEPAGEX only charges 0.5% together with some very small network fee on all transactions. All transaction fees are shown. With the small transaction fees, users and traders can exchange and receive with bigger amounts compared to some exchanges with higher transaction fees

  6. OneBox Widget
    The fact that ONEPAGEX is the simplest cryptocurrency exchange platform goes further, since it has linked a part of it that is called OneBox Widget, this system is what allows a web page to integrate the exchange to it, that is, it is not necessary to leave a certain web page to make a cryptocurrency exchange.

If you need more info about ONEPAGEX or when they will be adding more assets, or better still you want to convert your cryptocurrency, visit ONEPAGEX



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