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The less a writer discusses his work—and himself—the better. The master chef slaughters no chickens in the dining room; the doctor writes prescriptions in Latin; the magician hides his hinges, mirrors, and trapdoors with the utmost care.(Jack Vance)

Goldman Morgan,
the vaultkeeper of Tyrnannoght

Today is Mörsgyr , 27 in the year of Waning Elders
total number of internal wallets : 578
  • number of client accounts : 541
  • number of player accounts : 2
  • number of npc accounts : 8
  • number of zone accounts : 9
  • number of sponsor accounts : 12
  • number of trader accounts : 0
  • number of investor accounts : 5


  1. Mörsgyr, 25 : switch back to daily, only votes on @goldmanmorgan will count toward internal wallet balance, 60 day limit for 'client' accounts re-instated starting 2019 11 24 , votes on @tyrnannoght much appreciated as appreciation for the further development of the game ...
  2. 20191120 : added gamedate for reference (10 month cycle at Worlds-end)
  3. 20191120 : o-sa-shi-bu-ri in effect moving to chunks and jquery-style (suits me a lot better) for the html part, the updates/rumours tabs are buttons the css will be w.i.p. forever i suppose but the main idea is still to run the site in the phaser-bit mostly ... or more like (bold and daring) go for three.js and have a 3D walkin for 'the house of morgan' with desks and stuff ... (yea, ofc : e.t.a. : nAn)
  4. 20191120 : been a while, the login system works (again) now plenty some under the hood and a small bit (a.o. the sleeping guard to the animated part - which will be the main part actually over time but i think i'll keep a simple html version for slower/lower connections devices but if i dont do the shiney bits there's not much interesting for me until it makes some money ofcourse...)
  5. 20191103 : #stuff ofcourse that doesnt matter to the general user but voting on both morgan and tyr as well as any of their comments will FOR THE TIME BEING be credited on anything that pays out ... please allow me to remind you : I WANT A F2P GAME but that applies to the tin-zone ... the other 40 zones will be paid for, IF it ever gets that far :) it DOESNT work like that, otherwise it needs advertising and a shop with items is paid for anyway, paid for is paid for that will show when its there and that far, all stuff works, api works, crons work, DONT SEND STEEM yet ... but it would register ... tried and tested ... in some cases it will auto-send back, for instance 'client'status accounts will have anything sent back (you can do that with STEEM thats why im still using it ... ZERO FEES ... the biggest perk BUT LETS GO FOR GOOD CONTENT FIRST , NOT MONEY ! (since most of us are already rich is the only conclusion i can draw after reading them for 2 years)) ... players, others might react differently, its the commercial hub and front and back for the game ... its a lot of program but its just a ... subroutine? or something ? thats what @goldmanmorgan is
  6. 20191103 : its not up to me to bring any skool back and old explains itself, old should be something to learn from and surpass, not to imitate ... one of those zoomscroller lines you could find in a classic flt or booze demo maybe ... weve seen everyone, right? but thing is, hardware has the shiney for you, that just wont cut it anymore, you'll need the star wars demo, not the i got 1trillion and 5 polygons into that single bit i.o 1 billion and 4 , none of that matters in the age of add-a-gigabyte unless youre working on closed systems ... i had liked some oldskool to take a look at steem and see where it could go but ... i shortly after discovered they didnt HAVE a plan to halt inflation, they were just high on the ICO , as about everything since satoshi, AFTER satoshi ... i dont know anyone but i know i have a voice ... its not the voice of Sauron but i know i am the cat and .... all places are alike to me ? updates? oh ? line above
  7. 20191030 : updated 'witnesstracker' api to poll producer rewards (by type)
  8. 20191030 : updates to intro-bg & animations
  9. 20191027 : super-sty-lin' i dont think css existed when i picked up my first html5 book, or did it ? overflowthing seems nice
  10. 20191027 : gmlogo to 'plaque'(prelim and wip as everything) ... starting to wonder how many lawyers would oogle it if it makes money if i dont disclaim that general motors has nothing to do with it and its purely coincidential namegenerator naming that just happened to sound like some ancient bankers combined ... in 2019 if they smell a cent they usually dont take it as credit-for-achievement ... tsk ....
  11. 20191027 : login works just like tyr, i ported it this night registration/linking should work just the same but thats not tested yet, the layout will show itself when it reveals itself to me ... not much point in it right now anyway
  12. 20191027 : this thing needs to be somwhat phonefriendly, the game site wont bother but as i put Ffox up as 'supported' (like sony does with playstation games and i never see anyone tell them they wanna play xbox on it for some reason), should work fine in chrome and the nice bit is ctrl+/- lets you scale the whole phaser scene to whatever size you want in the browser and all coordinates and clicks stay in place, tried and tested so in theory it should work on phones that can handle the load (mostly memory, it works on a celeron-cpu pc with no gpu-card in it so i assume most modern phones have more power than that ... but not memory, hm? indeed


  1. (Frystsin, 26) Cat of Shadows spent the night at the Mudpits Tavern (+1000 gold to #mudpitstavernkeeper severe experimental)
  2. (Frystsin, 26) Minister Locutus sent a servant to Ole' Spicey, buying supplies (+1000 gold to #olespicey severe experimental)
  3. She who brings forth sent a servant to the Shady dealer (+1000 gold to #theshadydealer severe experimental)
  4. He who stands beside Her was seen scheming with the Shady dealer (+1000 gold to #theshadydealer severe experimental)
  5. Cat of Shadows and his entourage hired the Mudpits Tavern for a private meeting (+10000 gold to #mudpitstavenrkeeper severe experimental)
  6. She who brings forth spread bountiful blessings across The Cattle (+100 gold to zone funds severe experimental)
  7. Lady of the Slain and her entourage spent a night in the Mudpits Tavern (+10 gold to #mudpitstavernkeeper severe experimental)
  8. like this : steemitboard throws a beach party at the washed-up beach (+10 gold to zone funds - severe experimental) - not the intention that i decide that for anyone if ever anyone would set anything to sponsor status but my accounts are mine, those accounts are theirs and bots are bots ofcourse ...
  9. Nebethetepet was seen outside the Dungeon down-below, weaving dark magics (+100 gold to zone funds - severe experimental)
  10. Sanzu was spotted in the Forest down-below (+10 gold to zone funds - severe experimental)

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the manual


v0.2 : the @goldmanmorgan manual

Trying to shorten the post to save rc , so :
The goldmanmorgan how and what , here :

The @goldmanmorgan why , on @tyrnannoght and here :

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layout and shiney to be added after confirmed functionality, i gave it some thought but i see LOTS of accounts even hi-powered do daily reports and no one seems to downvote those ... drugwars, or steemmonster even doing twitter and facebook reports ??!? so ill take my chances, time saved, accurate info from the site on updates and presentday and not missing a beat when im out
pushed in your face with Thu Nov 28 02:00:03 UTC 2019

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wow, something that works from the first time round ? another 20 years and i might be almost me again eh-h .... 2050 seems to be a magical number, i wished for a ticket to the apocalypse for years ... maybe it will be granted and all will be fine

when i'm 90