✍ My graphic design - Roll-ups for alternative healing and massage centre

in design •  9 months ago


Hi guys,
this is the work Im working on right now (not approved by client yet). 2 rollups fot heir services. One is universal, for all of their therapies. Second one is with price table.



Let me know what you think.

Mockup download link


Andrej Cibík @andrejcibik


Web design | Web development | Logo design

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Can i get the link for rollbanner mockup. 😁


Hehe. I was thinking about adding it but then I thought "Naah, whats the chance someone will need it.".

Its there now.


Awetooom. 😀. I also work for digital printing company. And i really need rollbanner mockup. 👍


I was about to ask for the same thing :)) But I really like the concept and the colors :)