✍ My graphic design - Bio homemade honey branding and other small print

in design •  8 months ago

Hi guys,
let me show you a brand new set of print design I have made.

Label for home made honey

I went for "fluid" design of the sticker for honey. It willl be wrapped around the glass so only one third-to-half of will be visible at each moment.
To keep the link to other graphics we have made for this client, we choose to use illustrations of flowers, bees and honey.
All of these illustrations were edited, colored and changed by hand.


More flowers


No honey stick, more flowers - choosen design


Bee detail


Small 4,5cm sticker for levander extract.


Hit the follow, I will post photos how it looks in real life after printing.


Andrej Cibík @andrejcibik


Web design | Web development | Logo design

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an excellent work that has done sr andrej I did not find the link of how it looks in real life?