Deranged Photography Contest by @derangedvisions and @curie - FAMILY CONTEST!

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Hi there, my friends Steemians,

@derangedvisions is launching this edition of Deranged Photography Contest - Crazy 40 Steem Contest Opportunity!!!!!

And what is so special about it? @curie, a curation project loyal to the true principles and spirit of Steemit, is making a "community building" action and has chosen to support this Photo Contest with some extra Steem. Is there better news than this one? I don't believe so :))))! I voted for Curie as a witness long ago!

Read more about this contest here.

And, above all, the ice on the top of the cake is the theme for the contest: FAMILY!!!


The challenge is to post photos, as many as I want, about my family, telling you about them and what makes them so awesome.
So this is just my cup of tea! These are the two passions of my life! Family and photographyI couldn't miss it for anything in the world!

So, let's start it!

Meninos Tanah Lot 7-6.jpg



He's my son, my first child, he's the sweetest child a mother could have, always ready to help others, even if it's detrimental to himself. He's loyal and generous, beyond any limits. He's my baby and he will always be. A bit distracted, but no wonder, as he has the soul of an artist.

Meninos e macaquinhos-14.jpg

He's finishing Vet school, blaming capitalism for his choice, as he says :D. But he wants to be a musician and has already his 11 originals songs. His artistic name is Melted John, a little game around the name of the great singer Elton John.

Antonio Maria Goncalves.jpg

You can see by just looking at his face how kind and a dreamer he is, I guess. I will support his dream as much as I can. He will be 23 yo... TOMORROW!

Meninos Tanah Lot 7-3.jpg



She's my daughter. My princess. Unlike her brother, she's sharp, proud and not easy going. She always knows what she wants! I guess she thinks she was born ready and knowing all about everything.

Dida macaquinhos.jpg

She's 20 yo and finally, this year, she will start Medical college, her dream since forever, in Spain, as I told you recently in this post.


She is stubborn and I only can give to and get cuddles from her when she is in the mood for that. As I say, it's not easy to be a mother of a woman ;)...

Dida 1-11.jpg

But she hides deep in herself the deepest feelings one can have, and she will go to the end of the world, if needed, to protect me and those she loves.


Only she doesn't say it loud. although she speaks loud and has the most adorable laugh in the world!

dida 10.jpg

These are my beloved children!

dida e becas.jpg



She's my son's girlfriend. She's part of the "package" for a long while now! She goes with us wherever we go. We travel together always!

antonio e mariana-3.jpg

They met at the college and, unlike António, she's crazy about veterinary and I guess she will go far in the profession. Her "weakness" are the koalas, so they are going to Australia soon so she can make an internship with them.

antonio e mariana 2-2.jpg

Otherwise, she loves all the animals, and I mean ALL, she has a wonderful social an ecological spirit and she's vegan.

mariana jaco 3-2.jpg

She's a dreamer too, but an activist and she gets angry when dealing with unfair situations. She loves cinema and photography too and has already produced a short film.



She's my companion here in East Timor. As you know, I've been here for a while, far from my kids, and Luna is the one to whom I talk and that comes greeting me every minute I'm home.


She's my family here. She's loyal, independent, but maybe that's the way I am too. We get along perfectly, and she's my guardian. I don't need to be afraid of anything as she will protect me whenever I need. She's my daughter and my mother too. And likewise. She's FAMILY!


And that's it, this is my family, the ones I love and adore! May they pursue their dreams and be happy. And so will I!

mariana becas jaco 1-11.jpg

dida jaco 8-2.jpg

Thanks for reading and supporting me and my dear FAMILY, my friends! Thanks @derangedvisions and @curie, for this awesome contest!

Be all blessed and have a wonderful day!

Hippiesoul @nolasco

My original text and photos, taken in East Timor and Bali. (Canon 5D MkIII).

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This is so beautiful and lovely. Someone give her 40 steems already haha.

Ahah, you're sweet, cave-man! That made me smile! Thanks so much, my friend!

So beautiful family and their introduction. Though i never seen them before but from reading i get most of details about them. Family is always my first preference because i believe in live together and its a real happiness of life. Best of luck my dear friend for this contest.

Thanks so much, my friend! Your words mean a lot to me, and I truly agrre with them! Cheers!

Beautiful family and great post! Your kids are pretty awesome 👏🏻 well done mama ☺️👍🏻

Thanks so much, I'm melted with your words :)))))! Mama's sending you LOVE!

Thank you! ❤️ I have a boy and a girl as well and I would be perfectly happy if they turn out like yours 🤗

Aw, sweetie, that's a wonderful thing you are saying! Of course they will be wonderful human beings! Wish them, and you, all the best!

Thank you so much and you are very welcome! ☺️❤️

que bonita foto excelente

Gracias, @duque :))!

amazing entry to that contest and such a beautiful family! I will try to participate as well.

Thanks so much, my friend! I look forward to seeing your entry! Cheers!

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Thanks, my dear Pix!

Que familia linda, que filhos maravilhosos. parabéns @nolasco!
Me encanta o concurso, tentarei participar!

Obrigada, Manuel! Fico à espera de ver o seu post! Abraços!

Very nice to meet your family, Isabel! If they all have such beautiful smiles, you must be doing something right, very right! It's because of you they are so happy today! Excellent! 😃

Aw, those words of you are wonderful! Thanks, thanks! I feel so guilty sometimes for not being there, but I'm learning to accept it with gratitude and self-compassion. I'm not there, but I'm there all the times! Thanks again, my friend!

Oh minha querida que post mágico!Eu sou suspeita porque adoro o teu trabalho e a tua linda família! Beijo grande cheio e saudades e das nossas conversas!

Obrigada, minha linda... eu sei ❤️...! Mil beijinhos, também tenho imensas saudades delas!

What a wonderful family @nolasco. Thank you for introducing them to us. 😍

Thanks so much, Gillian! I'm happy to be able to finally post about my personal life on a social network 😀!

Lindo post!!! E linda família! Parabéns!

Obrigada minha querida! Espero que vcs estejam bem. Abração do tamanho do mundo!

Estamos bem e te enviamos um abraço ainda maior pra ti!!!🤗😘