Humans Theme - Deranged Photography Contest Winners!!


Humans Theme Contest Winners


This week's theme was all about taking pictures of humans doing human things. Whether it was portrait photography, street photography or just shots of humans doing stuff that the lizard people don't do. I am sure no one even reads this part of the post, so let's get on to the winners.

Professional Tier


1st Place @fotostef


2nd Place @whimsical-magic


3rd Place @intrepidphotos


Honorable Mentions



Amateur Tier


1st Place @photoquest


2nd Place @pardinus


3rd Place @vcclothing


Honorable Mentions







Beginner Tier


1st Place @himalayannomad


2nd Place @kaminchan


Thank you all


I want to thank my sponsors @czechglobalhosts, @pfunk, @ats-david, and @guiltyparties and the rest of the @steemcleaners team for helping to make this whole contest for you all possible. It would be awesome if you could all visit their pages and show them support as well.

For those that don't know, @czechglobalhosts puts on two daily photo contests that are open to anyone to enter. His contests cover the entire globe so that anyone can enter. The days and themes are:

Australian Monday
Antarctica and World's Oceans Tuesday
African Wednesday (My personal favorite)
European Thursday
North American Friday
South American Saturday
Asian Sunday

On top of the themed daily continent contests, he hosts a daily travel contests specific to the beautiful country of the Czech Republic. So make sure to follow @czechglobalhosts and participate in his contests because he is offering two daily photography contests that you can enter to win.

One major sponsor to the contests is @pfunk. For those that don't know @pfunk is a very active witness on the platform that is doing a lot behind the scenes to ensure that your user experience is a smooth one.

@pfunk aids in the process of new account set ups, a big part of Steemit Chat, and a part of the @steemcleaners team. @pfunk also is a huge supporter of the Open Mic contests run by @luzcypher.

You should seriously consider casting a witness vote for @pfunk.

If you like what I am doing, please consider a witness vote for my new team witness with @c0ff33a. Proceeds from the witness go back towards supporting my community initiatives like this photo contest. Thank you all for everything. You are awesome.


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Thank you Wess for the first price, really appreciated!
Congratulations to all the winners and best wishes for the new year :)

thanks for the honorable mention and congrats to all winners!

This is getting exciting! Thanks for the prize!

Congrats to all! It’s so nice to see so many beautiful pictures in one place.

Good luck.

Thanks for the shout out and congratulations to all the winners!


Great contest. Congratulations to the winners ... fine artistry, all.


Nice collection of photos. Congrats, everybody :) And, thank you @derangedvisions for hosting this amazing contest. I'm excited to know the next contest's theme. :D

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Thank You so much ~ I am exited and most happy with my second place :)
What a joy to see so many great impressions all around...!....
~ ✨✨ ~

Thank you for choosing my photo. Awesome shots everyone!

Thanks for the mention! Congratulations to all the winners and Happy New Year !

Congratulations to all the winners! Nice to see so many different styles with this subject.

Looking forward to what 2019 will bring for us with the contest subjects @derangedvisions 😎

PS. I do read the intro 😉

Thank you for the second place! And congratulations to the rest of winners and mentions!

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