Deranged Photography Contests - The Little Ones Theme

Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

The Little Ones


Children are a gift. Especially when they are little. The moments when they are small won't last forever, so you need to make sure that you are capturing as many of those precious moments as possible. In this contest, I want to see your best shots of children. They don't have to be your children. They can be from a photo shoot you have done for someone else, street photography shots of children playing or having a good time, basically any shots showcasing the innocence of children. I am looking forward to see what pictures you all have to share.

Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

How is the Deranged Photography Contest set up?


The contest will be broken up into three different tiers. Each will have a different payout for the winners based on what tier you enter into. Here is a breakdown of the winning based on the tiers:

1st1.25 SBD1 SBD1 SBD
2nd0.75 SBD0.5 SBD0.5 SBD
3rd0.5 SBD0.25 SBD0.25 SBD

Each contest will be open for submissions for 5 days after the post is made and then closes at 0100 UTC (1800 MST) on the 5th day.

This will give me and any guest judges time to judge the submissions and create the post announcing the winners.

How to enter


When you enter a photo in the competition, you will state what tier you want to be judged in and locked in for the month at that level.

For example if you enter a photo, you drop the photo in the comment section, state what level of photographer you are, and then give a description of the photograph.

If you want to make your own post and reference the contest in your post, that would be awesome, just remember to post your picture in the comment section along with your post link. Who knows, you may get a visit and an upvote on your post as well as an upvote on the picture. Use the tag #derangedphotography to make it easy to find your posts.

Additional Notes


  • Only one submission per contest. Extra submissions will be ignored.

  • You can switch your tier ONE time per month, but only if you are moving up into a higher tier, for example if you are currently in the amateur tier, but you think that you have a photograph that you want to enter in the professional tier, you can state that you are changing your tier to professional. You will then be locked into the new tier for the remainder of the month. You are not able to move down to a lower tier, like going from amateur to the beginner tier.

  • If you do not state wish tier you want to be judged in for the month, I will leave a comment to remind you to do so, but if you don't respond, you will be assigned to a tier and locked in for that month.

  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated in any form. All submissions must be your own work. I will investigate every entry and one of the main sponsors is the @steemcleaners team, so if you are caught plagiarizing, not only will you be blacklisted from competing from any future contests, but you will be reported to @steemcleaners as well. It is not worth it to try and cheat, especially with the 3 tier set up where everyone has an equal shot of winning.

Who are the amazing sponsors?


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Now get out and start shooting


I hope you are all excited about this new contest. The contest themes will be different than what you are used to seeing on Steemit, and I am doing this to encourage everyone to get out and shoot new pictures. If you are a life long professional nature photographer, some of the themes may push you to try and learn something new. If you are just a beginner photographer, this is a great place to have fun shooting all sorts of exciting styles and learn in the process.

Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

I am looking forward to seeing all of your great submissions. Have fun taking those pictures!!




New Contest and Games account me and some friends started. Check it out for more chances to win extra Steem or SBD.



Local Kids in Comuna 13, Medellín of Colombia
When I visited this neighborhood which used to be the most violent area in this formerly “murder capital of the world”, these cute kids came to pose for photos.


My sister´s kids discovered beauty of National Museum in Prague during their visit:)

All of the photos posted in the comments are great. Congrats to everyone on these super cute captures

Hi @derangedvisions, Here is my entry for Amateur level .
I just posted in steemit.

Every child is a different kind of flower.
All together they make this world a beautiful garden.

@arun5866This picture is very cute. Although she does not look at the camera, the stage is beautiful.

Thank you @isabelpena


the pleasure is mine. Thank you

This photo was posted just over week ago, actually do not want to repost it, so the link will lead to an expired post...

Pretty minimalistic and abstract portrait of a child at the beach of Baltic Sea in Sventoji, Lithuania.
Quite philosophical as well :D


Hi, Wes, here is my entry to this week contest :)). Tier: Professional. You're right, time elapses in a breeze, like the sand between our fingers. Great photos!

Kyoto temple baby gueixa.jpg


Professional tier.

My goal as a parent is to raise humans who have happy hearts.

blr 2011-2012 179.JPG

My sis and cousin during a trip on some local boat in Croatia during our summer holiday :) Crazy how fast did they (we) grow up. His voice is now deeper than mine and she's probably already visited more countries than I did haha :D

Tier: Beginner

Kids do grow up way too fast. That is why it is important to capture these moments.

Hi Wes, great theme, once again :))! Thanks for this amazing contest, I'm in!


Innocence Of Children
Playing in the rain

2 raindrops.jpg

I always find it hilarious that as adults, we run from the rains, and yet, as kids, we play and play! Here, my two daughters, playing in the rains!

don't have that much photos of kids.

My entry as an amateur photographer.

Oh snap! I’ll be posting an entry for this one later!

My wife and I are missionaries in the Philippines. I took this pic of a little girl that kept staring at me.


That is so cool. My wife and I are planning on doing humanitarian work in Thailand and possibly the Philippines as well.

I really like the sound of that! We are also working in all of Eastern Asia. The Philippines is homebase.

Hey Wes!
I'd like to enter this into the amateur contest:

I made a post about it here:

Thanks! ♥

awesome shot. I love the story behind this one as well.


Here’s my two adorable dorks entering for amateur tier:

“There’s no buddy like a brother” —unknown

🤪 "Expression Over Perfection"


Sometimes it's important to go with the flow and not worry about getting the composition perfect. And these "imperfect" images are the ones that parents buy the most!

Too see more image from that session - head on over to:

Thanks @derangedvisions for doing this and this submission is for the pro category.

Cambodian begging girl fitinfun.jpg

I am an amateur.

This tiny girl came up to the table where I was eating dinner on the first night I was in Phnom Penh Cambodia. She said nothing, and did not move. I did not know why she was there. I took a couple of photos and showed them to her on the preview. She looked at my camera screen without a smile.

Then she stepped over to the tuk tuk driver I was eating with. He gave her some money and she left.

He told me she was begging and I had no idea. I later found out this is common over there. Any time I went out anywhere in that city, some small child or other would come up to me silently and look at me.

Cambodia is the only place on my travels in SE Asia where this happened. I wonder where the parents are; and why children are used for this task. Is there an adult out of view somewhere or are these children on their own?

This cute little one with her grandmother.
Tier: Amateur

Here's my two sweet nephews entering for amateur tier.


When the weather is so hot and we could not go to the nearest beach or pool, Mommy will improvise.. hahaha lols..



This comment was made from

Such a lovely theme. Such an interesting contest curation! Here is one amateur portrait from me. Cheers!

This photo is from a while ago in a recreational activity. Those little ones are not my relatives but I want to participate with this picture.



Children of the Sea
Tier - Amatuer

"I love taking shots of children especially when I am able to capture their different emotions. My photo was taken when my mom and I made a short trip to the beach some time ago. It was windy that day. Thus big waves were greeting us at the shore. These children had so much fun with us riding the waves."

Back story of this photo is here: Children of the Sea

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Wellll......this really is kinda my main subject, so I can't very well pass this one up, right? Here's a shot from my book, Dusty Playground, featuring the children of Burning Man.


This lil' gal's name is Indie. She was so excited about a huge, bronze dragon named Abraxas (an art car that rolls around the playa and spews fire) and was on her way to climb into its front claws to take a ride with her papa, Tim. We had only a few moments together, but she won my heart in about 2 seconds flat.

tier: professional

Beginner Tier - Street Photography.

Greetings friends of Deranged Photography Contests Here I leave my entry. I hope you like them

In the park


 2 years ago Reveal Comment

She is just so precious!

Awww, i love this!! She is adorable and I love this picture! ♥

That is a great shot. Now I want some lemonade.