Big News and Changes for the Deranged Photography Contest! Don't Miss this!

Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

Big News!


I was contacted a few days ago by @markangeltrueman and he said that he would like to become involved in sponsoring the Deranged Photography Contest. @markangeltrueman is the creator of the @photomag account and it also a curator for @curie.

logoAsset 5@2x copy.png

He is also a witness here on Steemit and does a lot for the photography community. @markangeltrueman said that he wants to reward the winners of the contest with extra upvotes on their posts and those votes are worth around $4. This is pretty big on top of the Steem or SBD that you can already win from participating in my photo contests.

Important Changes


So in order to be eligible to receive the upvotes from @markangeltrueman curation trail if you are a winner in the contest, you need to make a separate post. His trail does not upvote comments. Here is what you need to do to make sure you are eligible:

  • Make Steemit post for your entry and use the #derangedphotography and the #photomag tags.
  • Comment to my contest post with the photo you want to be judge by in the comment section and include the link to your post so that @markangeltrueman and I can visit the post.

That is it. Remember MAKE A SEPARATE POST. If you do not do that and you win, you will only win the normal Steem or SBD from me and you will not win the huge upvote from @markangeltrueman and his curation trail. This is also a great way for your work to get noticed by a lot of people across the platform.

I am honored that @markangeltrueman contacted me and is willing to support all of you in this way. You should really consider voting for his witness because we need more witness like this that support the community in this way.

More Contests


@markangeltrueman also has contests that he runs from the @photomag page, so be sure to follow him and the @photomag page and enter in the contests for more chances to win. This platform has so many ways for photographers to earn on it, you just need to put in the effort on your part.

@czechglobalhosts is another one of my sponsors that runs daily photography competitions where you share photos from around the world. Here is a list of the daily contest themes that he runs:

  • Australian Monday
  • Antarctica and World's Oceans Tuesday
  • African Wednesday
  • European Thursday
  • North American Friday
  • South American Saturday
  • Asian Sunday

When you enter @czechglobalhosts' contests, all you do is comment on the post with your picture and describe your picture with a minimum of 30 words. He rewards most of the entries with upvotes and the top entries will receive larger upvotes and a chance to be spotlighted and entered into weekly and monthly drawings for large amounts of SBD.

Support @pfunk


I would also like to give a HUGE shoutout to @pfunk who has been an amazing sponsor to my competition. His generous upvotes have kept this contest going, even during this extremely long market crash. I have thought that I was going to have to shut down the contest on a few occasions, but his support and the support I recently received from @curie is what has kept this going.

@pfunk is an amazing witness here on Steemit and supports to many projects and deserves your witness vote. In my opinion, he should be the top witness on the platform due to all the projects that he is supporting. His support is what keeps so many people here on the platform active and keeps them on the platform.

Witnesses like him that use their influence to keep people is what Steemit needs more of. Be sure that you vote for @pfunk as a witness.

Get Ready, It's Gonna Be AWESOME


I hope that you all are excited about the future of the Deranged Photography Contest. This new sponsorship with @markangeltrueman will be a great opportunity for so many of you to earn more and get your work out there. I am excited to see where we got from here.

Here is the current active theme:

Deranged Photography - Hitting the Streets Again

I release new themes every Friday.


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This is awesome, Wes! Congrats on yet another sponsor. ⭐️ Stoked to see your contest growing. 🙌🏼 • You rock, @markangeltrueman! 🔥


I am excited. This could be huge for people to help them out. That was my main goal when creating this contest and this is massive.


I bet it will be grand sir!! 😍

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Hey Z,

As you know, I'm always looking to get photography more visible and rewarded on here. Just wish that i had even more VP. As nice as the curie direct follow vote is, it still only gives out about $4 -$5 at the moment thanks to the low price of Steem. Maybe photomag will eventually get big enough to be able to do similar on its own. I'm no whale, but I worked my butt off for 6 months for curie in order to be able to drop these small votes on stuff that i liked and it's finally paying off.

This is exciting news @derangedvisions Big thanks to yourself and @markangeltrueman for these great incentives to produce worthy photography and enter these interesting contests.

Wonderful news, Wes! Thanks, @markangeltrueman for sponsoring this amazing contest! Cheers!


Looking forward to it, love your work. Hope to see an entry from you.


Looking forward to
It, love your work. Hope to see
An entry from you.

                 - markangeltrueman

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Wow, big news for you and the contest. I'm wondering whether I didn't waste all my luck in the previous contests already and will manage to get the "big" like from the guy (markangeltrueman ) haha :D

Anyway, congratz on the next step for the DerangedPhoto! :)

Awesome news Wes! Be ready to get overwhelmed by all those new entries and contestants haha :)) Thank you @markangeltrueman for sponsoring Wes´ contests, your initiative is much appreciated.


It will be great to see a lot of new faces in the contest.


I am sure you will see them. Btw I will have a little surprise for you tomorrow ;) Hopefully, you will like it.

this is very important and very useful news for myself and other friends who like photography and even though I am just a beginner in the field of smartphone macrophotography is still a low level but I struggle to get one picture every day I do for one original post. ..

Let me share this info on my page.thanks


Great news! Your contest is already interesting with newish subjects. But hopefully more will notice my posts with photo's and other photographers as well! I'm curious what the next theme will be.

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That's awesome. I have a few good ideas for street photography. Let's see how great the response is this time.

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The good thing is that when you enter, you can enter as a beginner and compete against other beginners. I am looking forward to seeing your pictures. I love macro shots and so does @markangeltrueman.

the best of news ~ 🤗🌟 ~

Is there a specific type picture to post about?
Should I use the picture as is or make it a smaller file for the post?

Only on a smartphone


I release new themes every friday. You can edit the picture to make it look how you want. If you have it at about 1200 pixels on the long edge that will make it a good size.

Where can I find out what the derangedphotography contest is @derangedvisions? 😊


If you follow my page, you will stay up to date. I release new themes every Friday. Here is the current theme:

That's awesome news! I will settle down in Taiwan this week and as soon as I can get a new laptop and Lightroom running on it, I'll be back to your photo contests!


I am looking forward to it. Your entries have been missed.

Really cool project brother, nice job--Here is my Asian Sunday--I hope i did it right :)

That is great news!
The contest that encouraged me to take pictures and then post it haha
Made me a bit more comfortable using my own pictures instead of taking them off pixabay
So I am super excited for it .. 😊

Nice! This is great! Keep up the good work on your contests, I haven't participated as much as I'd like to, but hopefully will when I can in the future!

wow these are awesome news!! I´m looking forward to the upcoming Theme.

I love the new procedure in coming with.your contest.I.hope I could be one who participate this.

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That is really exciting! Its always fun teaming up with great steemians such as @markangeltrueman.. I cannot wait to be part of this.

Best of luck to all!

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