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Sometimes i love to approach macro photography differently. It is fun to add some new elements to macro photography and see how it goes. This time, i tried macro photography with some effects of wind and swaying.

It was quite a windy day and a perfect day to experiment. Let us see how it went.

EOS 200D 1/400 f/1.8 ISO100

Can you feel the little leaves moving?

EOS 200D 1/250 f/1.8 ISO100

The little breeze was accompanied by a strong one and thus the picture.

Looks like i will be traveling for some days. Please consider if i can't respond or post soon. As always, i would love to see your reactions and comments.

Also dont forget to follow me if you love my posts. We are nearing 500 mark.

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As always, beautiful photos. I like the first one. The second one is a little bit abstract, beautiful too but I love the other more.
Have a safe trip, my friend! 🤗


Thank you friend. I love it when people share their views.


Me too. It's pointless to comment if you have nothing interesting to say or no feedback given.

I like both however the 1st is best this time. :)


Thank you so much. I love to hear responses.

I've always worried about having it in focus and not moving when doing macro, the artistic possibilities of letting it move never even occurred to me. Very nice!


True! So have I. It's like our focus is directed to get sharp photos. It's a whole new world of possibilities! I love Steemit, and @cave-man!


I had an accidental shot turn out good and learnt from it.
Thanks @coloneljethro and @nolasco


You are very good! Congrats again, my friend!

Great shots, my friend! It's sublime to see your work! Keep going great!

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