Depression, Vitamins, and Food

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Before you rush to take that next pill, before you surrender to the corporate pharma complex, before you submit readily to the judgement of a brain washed doctor from the institutionally conformed training systems, you might want to consider your general health.

Are you deficient in vitamins and have you been eating well? Get a full evaluation of your blood, talk to a nutritionists, and consider specilists outside the corporate, pharama, health industrial complex such as those promoting healthy and alternative diets, supplements, and blood type diets.

There are dozens of vitamins essential to well being which can greatly effect mood; various B vitamins, D3, Iron, Folate, Magnesium, Selenium, Potasium... I'm just scratching the surface. Moreover you can't just pop vitamins either because your eating lifestyle has to be good to for these to take effect, be correctly absorbed, and your intestinal microflora, the bacteria that actually processes our food and is invovled in making hormones and regulating biochemistry, those need to be respected and monitored as well.

Eat right, Fly right, Live right, and unfortunately in this world you have to cut through the bullshit and medical double talk because have of society is trying to kill you with eating shit and the other half comes to rescue at the end with poisonous pills, knives, and the debt collector to reap your life savings. Take the middle road and enrich, heal and protective yourself now. You are your first investment.

Peace and Love @clumsysilverdad

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Lol food in general keeps me from getting depressed!

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haha...sure, everything in moderation bro 😁

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