Thanks for your comment :-) I am sorry to hear your father struggled with this too, I know from my own experience how disabling it can be, did he find something that helped him?

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No he was the older generation that didn't talk about mental health or feelings at all, just soldiered on as best he could. He was a good father didn't pull us into his rituals.

That's cool, I think very often those with mental health issues have to be much stronger than other people because they have so much to deal with, it can be so hard, thats good too that he didn't involve you with it, that is even harder not to impact those around you, and often one of the hardest things to cope with when you have a bad impact on others, I think for that generation it was tough too because like you say it was harder for people to discuss things like that then, you mainly had to keep going no matter how bad it was.

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