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in depression •  3 months ago

I didn´t know you spent time in jail over a visa problem, that must have been very difficult for you to endure and yet, you managed very wisely and used your thoughts and your writing to pass the days... 77 days in jail, no matter in what country, can definitely change a person and the way they see things.

The way you feel now, I can relate to it but I can´t even try to understand what you are going through. I guess when we are feeling this way and even after a therapeutic stage like yours - spending time surrounded by nature helps a lot, but it´s not enough sometimes - we still don´t feel like coming back full force to "the world", the way you want to face it is wise... going back to your roots and dedicating your time and life to painting and do what you must.

I would like to encourage you to not stop blogging, sometimes just writing your thoughts and trying to share a little of your insights can get you a long way, but by no means feel like you "have" to keep posting just for the sake of it. I guess I´m just hoping we get to see/read/appreciate your art as frequent as we used to a few months ago... maybe this is just a selfish though as I really like some of your posts but hey, we all must do what the heart want and if this is what it is telling you right now then go for it! We will be waiting for you here when you come back.

I guess what I mean is, I wish you the best of lucks and the best of vibes in your self-re-discovery journey, I hope you find your inner balance again. You´ll have a community waiting for you if/when you decide to come back. And hey, if you feel the urge of sharing, sometimes just letting it all go into a post/piece of paper can make wonders for you.

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