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To everyone who just started his cryptocurrency journey its a lot easier if you find yourself a mentor.
We all need some old hands in the system, it makes it a lot easier.
It's better to learn from someone's mistake than experiencing it. If you don't have a guide trust me you will fall for too many scammers.

Their offers often times are too juicy and you get roped in.
Imagine what happens when you sign up for a project, and you painstakingly completing your everyday task for a month or and at the end when you are expecting your token, this scammers creep into your wallet (courtesy: your private key you gave ignorantly).

Everything you have worked for will be reaped by another because the moderators will not know someone has access to your wallet.

Scenario 2: You send some Ethereum to a ghost, because you think you are investing and at the end you figure, there was no project at all. And the Telegram group created for that had been deleted or you were kicked out.
It means you have to start all over again, it hurts right?
Scammer consider the fact that you can be scammed too and STOP!

Don't make people feel bad, lets all work together to make our world a better place.
Aliens won't fix it for us, we can do it ourselves. Just before you embark on that cheating journey ask yourself: "how will i feel if this was done to me?"
If you will feel bad about it, then its useless DON'T do it.

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