yea but who are these people?

in demoscene •  20 days ago

i mean

i was like eight years old writing "hello world" and they were like

o look this is how you break a screen in 20 pieces using interrupts

and they're still around ?

so a "demo" is in your face but it has no rules


i can feel the panic ........

you owe me per day you block my income, you know that, right ?

yea i see you

if i had to guess id say you have a job in a callcenter or support

or are the guy or woman in the aquarium right above that


a sad place to be

with no way of getting out

believe it or not, somewhere i can relate

... but on the other hand


i know

money cant buy this but

i still want money

to buy that shit i cant create while sleeping ?


and you've been in my way a long time now

a bit sad to see they turned to NOTCH for easy pipelining

i cant speak up to them

not to them ...
they proven they can do it

BEFORE they went the easy way

what i actually mean to say is :

@steemcleaners live by sucking neds dick juice because without the delegation there's nothing left so i'm looking forward to the day the company understands how business is actually done ...

unless in north korea or old soviet russia before putin

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