ZX Spectrum 128k: "Shadebob Squarepixels" Demo (2020)

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slim pickens in the third week of the year ... but where there's demo there is scene

This demo features a new graphics mode for the ZX Spectrum. It is made by Hooy-Program and the Tap file can be downloaded here: https://demozoo.org/productions/273648/

im still around, but its just ... well , if you don't have anything good to say then

unless attacked

maybe best say nothing :-)

getting 22factor authentication working with confirmation codes on teh cahin is such a drag i already think most people wont use it lol, then again, i already thought most people will never play the game anyway since

"a game on steemit that doesnt pay you to play it"



well its teknikally not a game "on steemit" ... it just uses the wallet as a gimmick-option but it turns out that alone is worth a website by itself

life aint going nowhere, its the only thing i wanted thats left thats still doable before i'm retiring my pension fund from steemit (hahah HAHAHAHAH AA (haha ha) ... see? say nothing ...)