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RE: Open Letter from Dapps to @justinsunsteemit

in #delegationslast year

To increase his sock puppet voting powers? Guys, that is the obvious part.

Please Kindly Explain
Would you kindly reach out to us, or explain in the comments why you have removed the delegations of these projects in the comments. We would like to catch up with you to discuss ways to help you manage delegations, what value the dapps create and ways forwards to restore the delegations for the Dapps that create value.


Delegations do not transmit witness voting power. Undelegating will NOT give him more stake for witness voting.

very good information

Really? I never knew that. Initially, I thought "one of these days, hes gonna remove the delegations so he can fully upvote his witnesses" but if what you're saying is true, then...

Delegation was coded this way... You can try it on your account. Delegating doesn't lower your witness voting power.

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