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Tutorial - How to Delegate SP to another user using the SteemConnect tool from!

in delegation •  2 years ago is actually a third party website, technically not run by Steemit. It is a blockchain explorer, developed by roadscape. I know he is working on getting the site back to 100%, but it may take a while. is a public website which does not use your login. Everyone will have the same experience on the website regardless of how much or how little Steem Power they have.

When I joined, there wasn't any delegated SP yet. I think I got 5 SP, but it was not delegated, it was to keep.

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In my case it is around 5.9, and not for sale (no problem at all with the not for sale part) .
Both my steemd and my wallet are public, so you can see too.
The undelegation does not appear in my wallet.
Good to know about
I appreciate your effort in replying to me.


When they originally created your account on May 8, you got 9 SP (to keep) and delegated SP of 220,000 "VESTS". That was actually quite a bit of delegated SP - I believe was is around 75 SP.

The extra 75 delegated SP was not necessary for you to be able to interact with the blockchain, so on June 8, they removed the delegation. (The 9 that you got to keep was still yours though.)

Many users were reporting bandwidth issues around that time, so they added a small amount of delegated SP back to a bunch of accounts to try and help with the bandwidth issue.

That 5.947 delegated SP is still in your account today.


I never knew I had as much as 75SP.
I doubt it now, but I am not sure that you are wrong, because I knew close to nothing about steemit back then and still have more to learn about it.
I never "got to keep" 9, it is 5.9 as you wrote later.
The rest is mainly due to fyrstikken and idealist being nice to me, and later due to my own curation work which could only gain the bits it did due to fyrstikken and idealist being nice to me before and due to HF19, which hurt me more than it benefited me, due to spam "bot farmers" abuse.


In the first screen shot, there is the 'fee' of 9 STEEM. That is SP that was given to keep. There would have been no way that they could have taken that from you. It is part of the SP that is in your account today.

It would be tedious, but you could do the math of adding up all the SP you have received/earned since you started (from and you will see that the 9 is part of what you have.


Not only you gave me a private lesson about steemit delegation, you also made me learn that does need javascript permissions in order to be fully utilized.
In this browser I have defensive JS settings, and I have them turned off for, since it works good without them, and only now I found that not entirely.
I guess I'll have to take your word for it, since you seem knowledgeable and convincing due to these screenshots that previously I didn't even know how to see them myself. You saw them before I did.
Oh, the benefits of being naive with your JS permissions settings.
This is a lesson you should take from me, despite it won you this argument and allowed you to answer my questions.
Use a web-browser which lets you control what can run JS on your machines, and what can not.
In different words, try to avoid Firefox whenever possible.