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MAP Rewarder distributes daily upvotes or SBIs or MAPX tokens to our delegators - these are bonuses on top of the weekly distribution of rewards. I think this has worked well and will continue until further notice.

To make these posts more interesting, I shall also post a quote, video or news item related to developments in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Today is a choice of either a Free SBI Share or a MAPX token.

To qualify, you must be a delegator to MAP Rewarder; more details at Delegating to MAP Rewarder: Benefits for Small SP Accounts.

There you can read about the whole philosophy behind the bonuses offered to delegators; larger delegators obviously receive higher weekly payouts in STEEM terms, but smaller delegators can receive far more in percentage terms.

News of the Day

VeChain has officially kicked off its plan to buy back $25M of its own tokens. The VeChain Foundation will be implementing the plan over the course of the next quarter.

VeChain Begins $25M Buyback Plan

MAPX Mining and Staking

New article: MAPX: The Highest Returns on the Steem Blockchain for a Limited Time

The idea has proven so popular that we immediately received some serious delegation-miners who will be earning MAPX tokens on a daily basis.
Mining MAPX Token Now Open and Stakeholders Getting 30x Upvote Value

Launch of new MAPX token.

MAPX tokens were recently launched. Managed in a similar way to MAP Rewarder but with two distinct differences:

The key features that differentiate the MAPX token and MAP10K account from the existing MAP Rewarder project are the low entry cost and the increasing value due to compounding earnings.

New MAPX Token for Upvotes and Value Growth

10 bonus MAPX tokens are available, with 1 token each to the first 10 buyers - there are now just 5 free tokens left.

Please note, because of the new mining available for the token, plus the existing Tokenomix Contests, I have now stopped giving out free daily MAPX tokens and revert to daily bonus upvotes from MAP Rewarder.

Instead, delegators to MAPR may see some bonus upvotes from MAPX and an introductory comment.

Today's Winner

Today's winner is: @krazypoet

A comment has been left so that the Winner may choose between either One Free SBI Share (sent to them from @accelerator through @steembasicincome) or One Free MAPX token from @MAP10K.


You may delegate to MAP Rewarder using these links:

[10 SP], [20 SP], [30 SP], [40 SP], 50 SP, 60 SP, 70 SP, 80 SP, 90 SP, 100 SP, 500 SP, 1,000 SP, 5,000 SP, 10,000 SP, Other.

Please note that the minimum delegation is now 50 SP. Any delegations below 50 SP will not be accepted.
This change took place on Monday 10 June 2019.

With a minimum of about 1 STEEM, please look at our new MAPX token.

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Please Comment, Resteem and Upvote. Thanks!

@rycharde manages the MAP Rewarder high income program and MAPX Token.

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