DeFi-project LV Finance has fabricated the results of audits and made exit scams

in #defi2 years ago

LV Finance has joined a series of projects that have taken advantage of the hype around the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector to fraudulently misappropriate users' money.

According to the Chinese analytical company SlowMist, the project was based on the Ethereum blockage and used fake audit results to improve its offer in the eyes of investors.

After a short period of funding collection, its creators decided to hide. At the moment of publication LV Finance website and project accounts in social networks are not available. On the site, the organizers described their proposal as "a single place that combines everything you need to make money", "the DeFi-ecosystem belonging to the community" and promised to launch "genesis-farming" soon.

One of the users said on Saturday that he couldn't get the money out of the project pools, and after he asked Telegram a corresponding question, the administration of the group blocked it.

Earlier it became known about the exit-scam of the Bantiample project at the Binance Smart Chain.

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