“CON Technologies” Enters the Defense Market

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New competitors are always entering the defense market; looking for ways to beat the “old guns”. A new company named as CON Technologies has also ventured into the defense market. Using an innovative approach, this company wants to make a solid mark in the market by introducing various attractive products.
CON Technologies wants to attain a position as a global leader and it would achieve this spot by advancing scientific discovery, strengthening security and supporting the missions of its customers. At the same time, it will perform with excellence, respect other competitors and maintain its value by doing what is right.
The company has taken a positive step to move into the defense market. By providing unique and innovative products, the company can make sure that it stays ahead of its competitors.
CON Technologies started working with Devtac Japan to improve their research and development department. The company now owns 50 % shares of Devtac Japan and shows a promising future with an increase in sales. Currently, CON Technologies is working to upgrade the existing Devtac Ronin Ballistic Helmet from NIJ Level 2 to NIJ Level 3.
Faez Naqaweh, who is the Managing Director of the company, says that by acquiring Devtac Japan, both the companies will increase their sales and develop unique products in order to build a better future.
The acquisition will help both the firms to increase their customers by delivering quality products. CON Technologies has a promising future for growth and Faez Naqaweh knows that.
Devtac Japan
Located in Yokohama, Japan, Devtac kicked off as an Airsoft company. In 2004, after Wesley Shibata, who was an Airsofter, discovered that poor quality masks were being sold by vendors, started manufacturing his own masks. He not only limited his research to facemasks, but also started working on ballistic helmets.
Devtac, in the last eight years, has invested its time and money to work in the research and development of ballistic safety. The Ronin Ballistic Helmet was a major breakthrough and the company secured its position in the market as a key supplier of ballistic protection items.
Ronin Ballistic Helmet
Devtac Japan displayed the Ronin Kevlar Level 3A Tactical Ballistic Helmet at Defense and Security 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand.
This helmet provides a 160° field of vision and has the capability to stop a 44 magnum bullet. The developers of this product quote that it is being tested by some special operation units such as the SWAT teams.
Although the Ronin Ballistic Helmet looks similar to an Airsoft mask, it is actually a ballistic helmet which provides NIJ Level 3A protection. The helmet weights about 4.85 pounds.
It is made of Kevlar and neodymium magnets are used to hold 7 mm additional cheek panels in place. The purpose of the magnets is to help the user to separate one of the cheek plates.
The Picatinny rails on the helmet sides are used to attach equipment such as flashlights. The lenses are also replaceable. A custom system helps to prevent the lenses from blurring.
CON Technologies is working with Devtac Japan to improve the safety features of this helmet in order to upgrade it to a better version.
The Importance of Quality Products in the Defense Market
Providing high quality products to their clients is the main goal of CON Technologies. The company ensures that their customers are satisfied with the products.
A quality product holds a key importance in the defense sector. Nobody would want to have a weapon or gear which does not work properly or is not reliable. Poor quality products can have severe safety consequences, especially when they are being used as a protection item.
Ensuring the quality of the upgraded Ronin Ballistic Helmet is now the responsibility of both CON Technologies and Devtac Japan. Some helmets might be used for Airsoft.
However, if the helmets are being used by special operation units, then they should be able to stop the bullets from penetrating through the helmet. A single bullet that passes through the helmet can be life threatening or cause a serious injury.
CON Technologies makes sure that it properly researches and tests a product before displaying it for selling. The company performs rigorous testing of a product before launching it. In this way, it ensures that there are no flaws in the equipment.

The Future of CON Technologies
Faez Naqaweh says that CON Technologies has set a variety of targets that are achievable. It is mainly working on developing and manufacturing advanced technologies, weaponry, and military gear. The Managing Director further added that according to statistics, CON Technologies is among the top 100 companies in the world (in the defense sector).
Basically, the company started as a defense contracting one. In less than a year, it started manufacturing Ballistic Helmets in Japan. In the upcoming years, CON Technologies wants to manufacture weapons.
By producing advanced weapons and tactical gear, the company would be able to play a bigger role in the defense market. CON Technologies wants to stay ahead of the competitors and it would do so by manufacturing high quality protective equipment.
Most of the budget of a country is spend on the defense sector. If the costs of weapons could be reduced or long-lasting products could be produced, then the savings could be allocated to other sectors.
Therefore, apart from providing quality, CON Technologies is also looking for ways to reduce the actual price of a product. The reduction in the costs of gears and weapons on a massive scale will help to boost the economy of the country by lowering the expenditure on the defense sector.
The savings could be used for better purposes such as in the health care industry. Thus, the company is not only working for the defense sector, it is also indirectly working for a better future for everyone. The potential for growth of CON Technologies is huge and it will work tirelessly to improve the society.

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