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Exchange activities have reduced in the quality and originality they use to have from the onset when conditions were still perfect. Nowadays, many factors and external influences are beginning to affect the operations of trading and traders no longer enjoy the activities or feel the luxury of the process like they used to before. Many factors have been discovered to be associated to this but there seems to be a solution provided by this emerging company on the ledger chain called deex. This project seeks to prevent the government from infringing into the right of users in many of those exchanges but Deex will be breaking and solving the issues once and for all.

Deex is regarded as a community that was created to end the struggles in the concentrated style of trading. It marks a unique difference and proves to be useful beyond the other existing trading structures due to the fact that it is a fully distributed project and is able to deploy the most relevant features to end the pending issues users face during the exchange of assets. It makes no mistakes in its activities and can be fully relied upon i.e it has 100% reliability than its competitors not ignoring the fact that it is also a transparent structure with no biasness in its operations.

When we consider the functions of this project in relation to the design of the interface, we would see that there is a lot of features that makes it able to serve the interest of the users and this makes it able to perform some functions that distinguishes it from the rest. The difference is seen in the speed of the transactions and its coexistence Bitshares which marks a lot if improvements and upgrades in the system.
It is very easy to store assets in this system with the kind of storage it uses and that makes security a possibility in the ecosystem. Many other currencies alongside the coins and Fiats can be housed in these cold storage provided by deex and users can safely store and use them from the wallets directly. Also, apart from this provision, this platform installs the use of cards i.e debit and credit cards for all the assets owned by users so as to allow easy usage online or offline. This makes users free to use their assets as they please and also withdraw with ease for any transactions they wish to make at any point in time. The cards given will makes users able to secure fast and effortless payment when they do shopping online or anywhere.
It is well funded as a perfect decentraliised and makes Investors able to invest safely with the hope that they will yield a very high return. The app is also made to be so compactible with all types of devices and that allows many users to interact well with it and utilize the credible features. As said earlier, Bitshares 2.0 is infused into it and it forms a well standardized structure with it. This makes it a smart contracting network where very useful smartcontracts can be designed and deployed to their places of revelance in the ledger chain.
The amount of transactons it can perform in one second is very much reasonable and improved and sizable than majority of all other trading sites. This makes many traders able to trade at the same time without any sluggishness in the system.

So much will be achieved with its interaction with bitshares 2.0. Deex will confer more security to the system. The community of users will have so much to look out for in the deex network and the exchange activities will be so much unique that they wouldn't want to have a taste of any other platforms. Considering that having potential investors in the ecosystem is very important, this project knows how to make great Investors come on board the system and be a part of the community. This in actual sense will boost the morale of other users and other investors.

With all the incredible features and advantages that is explicitly listed and discussed in this article, there is no limit to how far Deex will go in making the difference glaring to the users and thus giving it the chance to standout. The token usage also will be taking as priority and users will be in for so much benefits as they use it in many operations done in the ecosystem. The Dex token cannot be done without in the network but rather, it is the main element of interaction between the users and the ecosystem. Deex platform, is therefore free from the imposing regulations that can impair its quality.

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