Introducing Deex Exchange: The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform for Cryptocurrency Trading

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Hello Steemians, Good day to you all, Welcome to yet another review post of Deex exchange

All crypto traders are already tired of overwhelming experiences been encountered on the several exchanges we have lately, most of these exchanges only care about their own maximum profit and benefits at the detriment of traders funds. Like we all are aware that there are 2 basic types of exchanges for cryptocurrency trading which are centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges.

Several decisions that governs trading activities are being made by a governing body on centralise exchanges and user of these exchanges have no options than to dance to their tunes while on decentralized exchanges, there’s no central body to make decisions, which allow all participants to have equal conditions and make direct trade with one another. Traders prefer not to leave their funds at the expense of centralized exchanges, but then, we are all aware that the big players in the exchange industry are mostly centralized in operation and people still make use of them because of their wide-range functionality and experience in the industry.

Decentralized exchanges undoubtedly have wide number of advantages over centralized because centralized exchanges are being faced with the risks of ;

  • Unfair competition
  • Inappropriate security measures
  • Political risks and
  • Danger of sanctions.

All these issues and vulnerability of being faced with centralized exchanges needs urgent solutions, this is the sole reason behind the creation of DEEX platform.


DEEX is a multipurpose decentralized Bitshares 2.0 based platform that has a full functionality of the best decentralized exchange. DEEX platform has a lot to offer to crypto traders, ICO investors, and also project owners through the following highlighted features on the platform;

  • Ability to create a decentralized and transparent blockchain system
  • Safe ICO conduct features with decentralized escrow tool from and ability of DEEX token holders to receive a percentage of revenues from all ICO’s.
  • Creation of cryptocurrency debit cards with full integration into fiat gateways which has direct link to user’s DEEX wallet and allows easy conversion of crypto into fiat through the use of debit card services
  • Development of own crypto ATM’s agent network which supports bank cards and allows sale and purchase of cryptocurrency with fiat
  • Feature of API for integration of third party applications
  • Friendly user interface even to newbies.


What are the unique features of DEEX platform?

  • Low commission fees
  • High rate for the referral program
  • 24-hour technical support;
  • Large number of trading pairs;
  • Trading robots feature
  • Merchant;
  • Debit crypto cards
  • High liquidity;
  • Own hardware crypto wallet for cold storage of cryptocurrencies and tokens.
  • Two-factor authentication;
  • Low commission fees;
  • Mobile apps for android and IOs;
  • Detailed and constantly updated documentation
  • Convenient GUI, compatible with most modern browsers;
  • Desktop application for trading

DEEX platform is dedicated to bringing positive changes to cryptocurrency trading through its well-laid out plans and strategies. In the nearest future, DEEX platform has plans of introducing financial instruments which includes DEEX.CORE, DEEX.ICO and DEEX.FUND.
For more information about this platform, kindly check out the links below;


Author Bitcointalk username: amusanmikel2
Bitcointalk link:;u=2305577

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With DEEX, does it do order matching on or off chain, and do you hold your funds in your own wallet with private keys?

Am interested in moving to a DEX and am curious if this is better than the ZRX relay model?

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