QAnon A Patriot has Emerged

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Quick Q History

Who is #QAnon?

He is an insider with Q level access that is either President Trump or somebody or group that works VERY closely with him. He is 100% legitimate and has proved it beyond a shadow of all doubt by posting before events or @potus tweets, early and often, i.e. Do your own verification research like I did and I am not interested in proving his legitimacy. The way he posts, at least to me, is cryptic and questioning so as to provide plausible deniability if their identity is ever revealed... "I never exposed anything. I simply asked questions"


The Storm is the name of the first op dedicated to the rounding up of what Q describes as a global ring of corruption, pedophilia, human trafficking, etc. Truly evil stuff run by the deep state elite cabal that we all have nightmares about.


The second op which all decent patriots are taking part in is the "waking up" of sheep and what Q calls normies. This has to be done slowly and gradually as the full truth Q has laid out is so appalling and disgusting it is almost unbelievable... almost.

#ReleaseTheMemo was a sub operation by this group (not Russian bots) and the level of corruption detailed should scare anybody regardless of political affiliation. In fact, I cheered when I saw many leftists calling it corruption and demanding answers.

This is not about left or right or even America. It is about good versus evil and if Q's latest posts (cure for cancer being suppressed) are any indication of what's to come then the public will have no choice but to wake up.

I'm just doing my part and through my own research I have found it tough to get the word out in an easy and concise way. I spend too much time on it anyway so I may as well consolidate my research on an uncensorable platform.

Buckle up patriots! Take the red pill and let's head down the rabbit hole together!


P.S. Give this kid some love for tirelessly putting together the most comprehensive Q dossier available

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